Friday, 6 April 2012

Just a gentle reminder (FREE STUFF!!!)

See I told you he was bloody big!!!

Hello my friends. This is just another gentle reminder for you all, that if you are yet to do so, you still have 7 whole days to follow this site before I make my Krull, Servile Lord of Dis prize draw. Now I've had a number of emails asking me just how magnificently massive he is as a miniature... well look at the picture above. Standing next to him, on his base is a slightly taller than Games Workshop Knight from the BaneLords range. Said knight is the 36mm high Guillaume Le Pèlerin, Vagrant Knight. Yes... that's right... let it all sink in... just... a... bit... longer... and we're done! Seriously this miniature is utterly beastly in size, poor old Guillaume is standing to his full height, on top of some rocks on top of Krulls base and his head just about comes up to Krull's knee! Holy crap! If I was you Guillaume I'd stick to taking on dragons, you'll probably have a better chanece! Now I hope you can all fully appreciate the glorious majesty of  Krull, (who ate all the pies) Servile Lord of Dis. All hail Krull! And now I want a pie!!!

So lets go over the rules entering the prize draw again shall we? As they are incredibly simple to follow, and you have to do nothing beyond them to be in with a chance of winning this awesome miniature:

  • You need to follow my Blog publicly using the method linked below to be eligible for the draw. 
  • The draw will take place on the 13/04/2012 (or for our American friends 04/13/2012).
  • I will be making the draw at 12:00 GMT.
  • Cash alternatives will not be offered (why would you want cash instead of Krull?!?!)

You can find out how to follow this Blog here. That's it just follow the Blog publically, no need to comment or do anything strange, just become part of a cool little community we've got going here. Just a word of warning though, this Blog has picked up two new Followers since I announced this competition, BUT, I have no idea who they are as they have followed the site privately. This means they aren't eligible for the prize draw. Please make sure that you follow the Blog publically if you want to be entered into the prize draw. Now I know what I am about to ask you might not be in your own personal best interests, as it will potentially reduce your chance of success... but... could I ask you all a favour any way? Could some of you try getting the word out, primarily about the original Interview I did with Rob Lane. I know Rob didn't donate the miniature to get the interview plastered everywhere, but I kind of feel that his generosity does deserve a bit of reciprocal kindness back from the Blogging community. So if you have a Blog, or Twitter account could you write a post about the prize giveaway and link back to the original interview? I'm sorry I can't offer you guys anything more than my humble thanks and my appreciation if you do so, but hopefully you'll all do it out of the goodness of your hearts. So that is all for now. Peace out!


  1. Put your contest up at the Daemonic Legion forums..

    Hope it attracts a bit more attention for you man..

  2. This would make such an amazing daemon to terrorise Pulp City!

    1. It would make an amazing demon to torrorise anything in any game that allows such things!!! Not too sure lovely is the right word to describe Krull but it is an amazing miniature... again I'm not so sure miniature is an appropriate word either! :P

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