Friday, 23 March 2012

Infinity March releases

This months awesome releases... March is a good month!!!

So once more we have the lovely looking releases from Corvus Belli, for their Infinity range. Excited! Yet again they've chosen to utilise Facebook's significantly more potent servers to release these images on first. Hopefully sparing their own servers the indignity of grinding to a halt yet again. Wise move if you ask me, and I hope it's one they'll stick to. Because there's nothing more frustrating than knowing there are shiny new Infinity miniatures out there, and no way to see them because their servers have melted under the weight of expectation.  So I'll be taking you through the releases as best I can I guess, oh yes, and I'll be linking to the Infinity Wiki throughout this article to the skills so that new comers to the game aren't left scratching their heads about what I'm talking about. The Infinity Wiki by the way is an awesome resource. So shall we get on with it?

Hafza Spitfire

So what do I think of the look of the miniature? Well you can't accuse it of being a static Haqqislam catalogue model pose sculpt, that's for sure! Do I like it though? Nope, he looks awkward and I'm not so sure the sense of movement is quite right. But lets be clear here, compared to most miniature ranges he's bloody brilliant. No it's just that when you compare it to the Infinity range as a whole it's at best average, and more than likely slightly below average. So I guess it's not that bad at all given how good the range is! So how does our cheeky chappy perform on the table? Well I quite like the Hafza's in general. They actually fulfil my specified role as a 'useful Lieutenant'. I believe you see, that the free Lieutenants order you get in Infinity is a useful little resource you should try to use every turn. So you'll need a pretty good lieutenant to use it. But, not one that is so good you'll need to chuck them forward to make your battle plan work, you don't want to unnecessarily run the risk of being in loss of Lieutenant. The Hafza is perfect for this. So I guess given I like Spitfires, I'm really pleased to see the Spitfire variant released. They've got a pretty good statline with a good solid standard MOV 4-4 and a decent BS 12, which means you're going to be able to make best use of that Spitfire. They also come with the pretty nifty skill of Holoprojector L1, which allows you to deploy another miniature of similar size on the board instead of the actual miniature. Nifty for hiding the identity of your Lieutenant, it's a skill I really like. You can pretend to be something really nasty or something more innocuous. It's good fun to play around with. All in all it's not a bad option and it might surprise your opponent when you finally reveal what it is, and open up with that Spitfire. For 23 C and 1 SWC for both variants I think it's a highly viable option, oh yeah and in a Qapu Khalqi force the Hafza's are Linkable, and given the cost of some of the options I say they're viable as a good solid link team.

Gwailos Spitfire

I quite like the look of the Gwailos, in fact I just like the Shasvastii full stop. They look pretty darn cool, and you can't beat a good looking alien. Let's be honest we're all into sci-fi for the aliens... and OK the babes too... but mainly the aliens... or alien babes maybe! Any way moving out of that dark corner of my warped little mind what do I think of him as a miniature? I love him, I really do. I love the way he appears to be skulking forward at pace, it looks like he's about to use his ARO to dodge out the way. Plus as always he has utterly awesome looking armour. Damn it I am not doing a Combined Army faction!!! I'm not, I won't be tempted... hello Ms Speculo Killer... no don't tempt me! But what's he like on the board? Firstly he has a great BS 13 and a pretty respectable CC 15, which isn't at all bad for a none close combat specialist. His PIH 12 and WIP 13 aren't too bad either, but it's not really why you'd buy them. Their MOV 4-2 marks them out as being slow, as slow as some HI options, but their ARM 2 and BTS 0 means they're anything but HI. At only 1 wound with a lack of stickability from ARM and BTS I've always struggled to see the point of the Gwailos. Even the special skill Nanoscreen doesn't really do it for me, sure it sounds good in the rules, but in practice I'm not so sure it's as useful as people think it is when it's actually on the table. Having in effect a moveable piece of scenery on the table should be awesome, but it's not. I suppose I should mention that Gwailos are Linkable in a Shasvastii force but given their expense you'll need to carefully weigh up whether it's worth it... for me it's not. At 31 C and 1.5 SWC I can't honestly say it's not something I'd seriously look at and consider.

Sun Tze v.2

I'm not actually a massive fan of the other Sun Tze sculpt. It's not a bad miniature as such, it's just not as damn sexy as this sniper toting bad ass. Seriously is this just not the coolest looking thing EVER?!?! OK so he might not be to everyone's taste, but I think he utterly rocks. I have no idea what his spikey backpack is for, but more miniatures should have spikey backpacks... and OK I want one too. I also love his facial features and expression, and his armour, and his overcoat and... you get the point! Also is that the longest sniper rifle ever made? I think it might just be you know! So is he worth taking in either a standard Yu Jing force or the Imperial Service sectorial list? Is the Pope a Catholic? If you're struggling with that last question then the answer is yes... oh and whatever education system processed your young mind failed you. Sorry, but it did. Any way, he's a damn fine solid option. He's MI with MOV 4-4, which you know is nice, his CC 15 is also not bad for someone you probably don't expect to see in a fist fight. His ARM 2 and W 1 do cause a slight worry I guess given his price, BUT his skills more than make up for it. Firstly I have to say his BS 13 coupled with that Multi Sniper Rifle is utterly sweet. But, to then go and give him an X-2 Visor just seems like a level of overkill not required, but hey I'm not complaining! So popping heads at long range is quite frankly nothing to old Sun Tze v.2. But his skills don't stop there, oh no, he also gets Total Immunity, Valor L3 (or No Wound Incapacitation) and of course the piéce de résistance Strategos L3. So what's not to love? He takes a wound and he's still good to go, he's also immune to the effects of ALL special ammunition! Sun Tze v.2 totally rules, but it gets better because he also Strategos L3 means that if Sun Tze v.2 is your forces Lieutenant anyone can use that Lieutenants special order. Awesome! You can reserve two miniatures to deploy after your opponent has set up AND you can prevent your opponent deploying a miniature after you... sweet!!! For 50 C and 1.5 SWC for both the normal and Lieutenant versions why wouldn't you?

Druze Shock Team

Yeah I'm going to have to admit it, my pants might have got a trifle moister after I first saw these guys... look I never said this was a family friendly Blog, and I've never once tried to claim I'm not a sad nerd... so shut it! I mean come on how fricking cool looking are these guys? They just look like spec-ops-bad-ass-space-ninja-shock-troopers... I need to catch my breath after all that! I love the guy with the D.E.P. and the Hacking Device in particular, he just looks so shifty. But the guy with the CC weapon, or even the guy with the light GL are splendid sculpts too. I just think they look all sorts of ace. So what are they like on the table? Well here's the real bummer for me, these guys are actually Mercenaries. So that's great right? I mean any army can take them, right? Well yes I suppose they can in friendly games, although in terms of sectorial lists they're only legal in the Qapu Khalqi list for Haqqislam. But, it does mean that if you're playing at a tournament they're actually only legal in the Qapu Khalqi list. What an absolute criminal waste of gorgeous sculpts! I also think if you're playing a friendly game you should also agree before hand the use of Mecenaries, as they can radically alter a forces 'normal' behaviour and characteristics on the board, effectively plugging weakneses. So what are they like on that board? Well in a Qapu Khalqi force they're Linkable, which is a really nice option. Their MOV of 4-2 is actually a little slow for my tastes, but workable given they have an ARM 3. Their WIP 13 isn't bad so the Hacker with Hacking Device option at 33 C and 0.5 SWC is at least a viable option if not necessarily the best available to most forces, but for the cost it isn't too bad for a serviceable Hacker. Also their CC 14 and BS 12 are also pretty handy. The bog standard option with Combi-Rifle, DEP is 21 C and 0 SWC. The option with Light Grenade Launcher sets you back 28 C and 1.5 SWC, and it's really the 1.5 SWC that you'll need to weigh up really against other force priorities, but it seems a fair price to me. I just wouldn't make any of them your Lieutenant for 21 C and 2 SWC I have to be honest it seems a pricey Lieutenant option on the old SWC for me. So I guess this month Qapu Khalqi players are feeling pretty smug, what with the Extra Hafza option this month too. Sure they don't have the Spitfire Druze option yet, but judging on past performance Corvus Belli will drop it next month.

EDIT: As somebody helpfully pointed out, I completely forgot to mention that the Druze also have X Visor, which admittedly isn't quite as good as the X-2 visor Sun Tze v.2 gets, but is nevertheless really quite nice.

Merovingienne Starter Set

So a friend of mine sent me an email with a link to Angel Giraldez's website, and this single line 'about sodding time too!' And you know what? She's right, it is about sodding time! OK so we've seen the 3 Métro's, the Para-Commando with HMG before, and of course last months Zouave... and they're all sexy looking mini's. But I believe the Moblot with Rifle and Light Shotgun is new, and I think it's the weakest looking sculpt in the box! The way they're holding the gun looks awkward, it just looks far too big for them, and their lower legs look ready to snap they're that thin. I get the impression this Moblot might in fact be female, but that's no excuse for the weedy looking legs! So is it worth getting this starter box? In short not for this Moblot miniature it's not! The other options you can happily get in blister packs so lets not worry about those options shall we? No I'll focus in on whether this Moblot is worth taking in the game. The first thing I'll say is that 28 C for a BS 13 option would certainly get my attention. As would the fact the fact that it's actually quite a bloody versatile miniature. You see on top of it having Shock Immunity and Jungle Terrain, they also get to take various other skills depending on the points you're willing to pay. So for 31 C and 0 SWC you could have Multispectral Visor L1 variant, which would be handy in an Ariadna force. Or perhaps you don't mind spending 1 C more to get either a Moblot Paramedic with Medikit or one with CH: Mimetism, the choice is yours. For 36 C though you can grab yourself a Moblot with Infiltration , which means you can be closer to your opponent from the start of the game. Sweet! You can also make the Moblot your Lieutenant for no extra cost over the bog standard option. I suppose I should also mention that their PIH 13 and ARM 3 for their cost is also really quite good. As is their MOV 4-4 for a HI option. Yeah, and in a Merovingienne force they Linkable... so I'm sorry... but it's an option definitely worth having if you're an Ariadna player. Shame I don't like the miniature.

EDIT: Martin over at the Blog Fire Broadside has noticed that this 'new' Moblot is actually just an arm swap for this Moblot with Panzerfaust. It wasn't a great sculpt in the first place! Not very impressed truth be told!

So in conclusion it hasn't been a bad month for Infinity stuff all round if you ask me! The Hafza isn't too bad, and he's actually a pretty good option on the table if you ask me. The Gwailo might not be my favourite option on the board, but he's a kick ass miniature and I do know a fair few people who can make them work, and spitfires always kick ass. Sun Tze v.2 is just such a brilliant option and a super kick-ass miniature that ALL Yu Jing players must purchase this miniature, it's the law! The only surprise for me is that he wasn't my favourite release this month. Nope that particular accolade goes to the super sexy looking Druze Shock Team... totally getting these bad boys just to paint if nothing else! Just a little sad you can't really use them in as many games as I'd like. The Merovingienne starter set wasn't the best thing in the world in terms of new stuff, but hey it's a nice option for people to pick up I guess. But that Moblot sculpt is very disappointing in my opinion, in fact I don't really like any of the Moblot's at all. So maybe it's just my own personal taste? Any way that's your lot for this months release's. Peace out!


  1. Haha! We think the same (almost) and post at the same time. :)

    I agree with most of this although Sun Tze comes up on top of the Druze with a slight margin. Will get them all though. Hehe!

    As for the Moblot, I think it's the Panzerfaust girl with new arms. Might be why it looks kind of awkward.

    1. PMSL, I wander if our periods are synced? No! Wait! That's girls!!! :P

      Yeah it seems that once again we have similar opinions you and I. It's obviously because we're so totally awesome and stuff. I think you might be right about the Panzerfaust girl thing as well looking at it again. That just makes it even more disappointing surely? Because not only is it lame, but also lazy. Not a bad month all round though!

    2. CBS? Corvus Belli Syndrome?

      Lazy indeed. And somewhat of a strange choice from CB I think. Still, overall a great month I think. I have this idea of getting the Crane and Pheasant agent as well as Sun Tze in one order and then explode of awesomeness when it gets here and I open the box. :)

    3. I like the isea of people being affected by CBS maybe with acute STS (shiny toy syndrome). That order might be too much awesome for one box to take though. Seriously I don't think there's been a box released that could contain that much awesome!

      PS I think my post ninja'ed you by two minutes. Unlucky! :P

    4. Ah... you shouldn't joke about STS... it's serious business. ;)

      Spectacular box indeed! I've already decided on a paint scheme. Hehe! No idea if I'll ever use them, but certainly something that belongs in the worth-getting-just-to-paint category (like so much else of CB's stuff).

    5. Indeed, I've been severely effected by STS all my life. I've got entire rooms devoted to toy soldiers, it's a monument to how badly it's effected my life. I NEED HELP!!!!

  2. Beautiful miniatures, as always.

    Not a fan of the Hafza pose; it's a little "come at me bro". Nice armour, details, etc, though.

    But Sun Tze v2! They really knocked that one out of the park didn't they? Such a sexy mini! I've been leaning towards Yu Jing as my first Infinity force, and that mini is most certainly helping.

    I was going to say that you were being a little harsh about the Moblot, but after further inspection I have to agree about the legs; can't unsee! It would have maybe made sense if they were robotic legs or something, but right now he / she looks like a recovered paraplegic.

    Still, overall, a great set of releases.

    1. I'm very sorry I pointed out the malnourished Moblot!!! The legs do look weird and I think Martin is absolutely 100% spot on when he says it's just new arms on an old body. Very lame if you ask me, ans something Corvus Belli should get a slap on the wrist for. Especially as the original sculpt wasn't all that and a packet of crisps!

      As for the others? Yeah I'm in agreement, it has been an awesome month for releases overall. Even the Hafza who looks like he's trying to chest a football down is actually not that bad. But Sun Tze v.2 and the Druze shock team are totally a step above and beyond the normal very high standards achieved by CB in the Infinity range. Sexy as hell.

    2. I was just having a look at more of the official pics, and whilst the legs still look weird, they aren't quite as bad as I thought, when viewed from other angles.

      Check out the other shots.

      Still thin, but it makes a little more sense, especially when compared to the other lass in the photo.

    3. Well having seen the original Moblot and all the Metros in the flesh I can confirm the Metros looks OK and that the Moblot's legs actually are weirdly thin. I'll wait until I actually see it before I make my final decision on it though.

  3. it is very frustrating that the only minis i really like in the Infinity range are French. and i really do hate the French...

    1. What have the French ever done to you? They can't have invaded as they're not very good at that! :P

      The French forces in Infinity look all sorts of awesome though and if I was ever tempted to do an Ariadna force it'd almost certainly be a Merovingienne sectorial force. They're just so sexy looking... Moblot's aside of course.

    2. sigh, i am an Englishman and therefore i am required to hate the French, at least in public. i have no idea if there is an actual reason!

    3. Well I'm an Englishman and I don't feel required to hate the French. I actually feel sorry for them tbh with you. I mean they don't get to be English and that must be a crushing blow for them! :P

      They do make exceedingly good cheeses though and their wines aren't too bad. Although their antiquated Appellation rules are harming the wines some regions now produce, as local climtes are very different now to what they were when the French originally set them out. Hey they're slaves to bureaucracy like us English!!! They're not so different after all! :P

    4. The Merovingian are part french, part belgian. Just tell yourself the lot you got are the belgian part of them :)

    5. lol.

      I don't have problem with any nationality of people at all. Except Eskimos... I don't trust the Eskimos! I think they're in with the Polar Bears and I think they're out to get us. Lets just say I've got my eye on them! o_0

  4. Hi, I was reading your comments in the Google help forum about chillingeffects and the notice you received. I'm having the EXACT same problem, it's infuriating because I worked so long on that particular post and now I don't dare put it back up until I find out exactly which picture was objected to so I can remove it. Can you write me and let me know if you have received any more information?
    witsendnj at yahoo dot com (

    1. I'll send you an email, but sadly I've heard nothing back off of anyone at Blogger. To be brutally honest I don't think they actually have any consistent or sane written procedures that work. I think they work on a reduction principle that after a while people just give in with the ineptitude of it all.

  5. You forgot one minor detail about the Druze. Each and everone of these loveable bastards have X-visor... And yes I play Haqq :)

    Damn CB, damn you all to hell! Shut up and take my money!


    PS: I also posted that bit about the Merovingians.

    1. I did indeed forget to mention the X-Visor!!! That will be an edit It's not quite as impressive as the X-2 on Sun Tze.

  6. Well how can i put this....pretty minis, but boring somehow. I like the ariadna box, actually enough to might buy it someday. But the rest just seem meh to mee. Corvus belli are in my eyes loosing some of the wauuuv factor they had when i first spotted them, maybe because i think the game is a very poor construct. Alot of nice ideas, but horridly written and edited to the point of being hard to read. And the enourmous amount of hard los blocking terrain needed is also abit off putting.

    1. Well if they bore you that's your opinion mate. Ironically this months releases have actually convinced two people I know to start Infinity. lol. As for the game being a poor construct, elaborate on that please because while I think the game has a few structural issues as a product and the lack of official missions hampers it, as a system it's actually one of the best examples of a game 'system' I've seen. I've put system in quote marks because I mean as a system flow not necessary the entirety of the game. I agree that the demands the game places on scenery is off putting for most... but actually playing on a full board of scenery is just utterly awesome. But, yeah getting to that stage can be a ball ache.

    2. Funny, I showed a mate the new Sun Tze v2, and he's pretty much sold on Infinity now too.

      Whilst the rules seem a little complex at first, they are actually pretty straight forward once you "get into it". The first time I looked at the rule book I was turned off the game, but after a reread and some research, it all makes perfect sense.

      Also, there are a lot of beautiful balancing mechanics going on that may not be apparent at first glance. Things like orders and their generation, combat groups, SWC per 50pts, etc. Some great ideas to combat common problems in games design.

      Needing a lot of terrain is actually a turn on for me, as I find most games are very restrictive in the amount of terrain you can use and still maintain a balanced game (e,g, 40K).

      Of course, marjedi, you are most welcome to hate on the rules and models! Just putting in my 2 cents.

    3. I agree about the terrain to a point Bishop. lol. I remember reading the rules years ago (and yes the English rulebooks aren't the best) and thinking awesome, I get to build an entire city. It actually made me want to play the game properly. When you do there's actually not much like it out there for tactics and just cinematic fun. Like I tell people, it's like playing an intense game of chess for the first few rounds... and then it explodes into a John Woo fight scene. Utterly awesome!

  7. Firstly i am not hating the rules or the models, i just think this month is a bit meh.

    As for the rules, as i said i like the basic framework of the rules and the ideas it contains, my main gribbles are:

    1. The rulebooks are poorly laid out, with so many rules, special skilss and weapons to keep track of. The books could use a better editor to make it easier to figure out. Some of the examples are walls and walls of text and numbers, with the diagrams tucked in the back so you jave to flip back and forwards. Some rules are hard to find, either because they are buried in a wall of text or because you missed the start of the chapter since the difference between headlines and body of text are often non existing.

    The mate i am strating infinity with (we started 5 now we are 2) have created small index cards with the rules on them so we can actually play without scrathing our heads all the time.

    2. Terrain....ugh. While i agree a fully built city scape looks awesome, buuilding it is so daunting a task and would take away the tie i have to paint and play other games, so not really an option.

    And i am not sure a terrain table with "softer" types of terrain, like jungle would cut it in the game. But maybe you experts can clarify that for me.

    3. The models. Well i really like most of them, some are gorgeous even. But i have found that i really really think painting them are boring. Cant explain why really, but i just cant seem to finish any and beliwve me i have tried several times.

    Oh and back to the poorly laid out rulebooks, choosing a faction is difficult, since it takes forever to read the army lists, with all those lvl 1,2 and 3 gizmos and gazzilion skills.

    1. Very clear and concise arguments; well played sir.

      1. I will have to agree on the layout of the rule book (at least the free one, as I don't own the "real" one). Most things are pretty clear, but yes, I too was sometimes scratching my head as to the placement of diagrams (rule, then diagram a few pages later). Maybe the purchased one is different? Can anyone confirm / deny?

      I agree, there are a lot of special rules, but I'm not sure how they could cut that down. Maybe just a better layout, formating, font type, etc, so as to make it easier to read. For example, it would be nice if the headings were bigger for each skill, with the levels then a smaller font, to make it clear what "section" you are reading.

      I like the index card idea. Even if you just jotted down all the special rules for your army, maybe on the back of your army list, it may speed things up. I do this with 40K when taking units that have rules I'm not familiar with, or when I start a new army (e.g. I started playing Daemons, so I wrote down all the special and war gear rules).

      2. Terrain. Well, this is just a matter of preference, I guess. Personally, I love building terrain, and already have quite a bit. In the past I had a good gaming group that all helped out on building, so maybe you could go down that road? That, or just buy pre-made terrain, but that is rather expensive in the long term.

      It seems Infinity really benefits from multiple levels of terrain, so I don't know how jungles, etc, would go. Maybe just give it a go and see how it turns out? If you mix in some multi level buildings, it might be cool.

      3. Well, models are completely a personal / subjective preference, so there isn't much I can say here. You either like something, or you don't. I wasn't a big fan of the models at first, but over time I have begun to appreciate the subtle detail and flow of the CB models. I am finding a lot of other manufacture's models to be a little "over the top", and somewhat "obvious" (spikes and skulls FTW!!!!!111!).

      Anyway, good to hear you are giving the game a shot; I hope it works out for you. :)

    2. 1) No not going to argue with point 1 because they are pretty badly laid out and the fact it has been translated awkwardly from Spanish to English doesn't help. There is actually a fan translation of the rules floating about, with a different layout too that's a 100 times better than the official one. I'll try and dig it out for you. However, you should try using the Army builder and the hyperlinks it supplies to the Wiki. You can print your armies and weapons stats out with that and have a handy reference sheet ready made. Also the one thing that does work really well in the Infinity rulebook is the Index.

      2) I've covered this topic on my Blog before. Certain games and games companies have quite frankly made us all really, really lazy. I freely admit it's had a similar effect on me as an individual too. However Infinity works brilliantly with all sorts of terrain. I've expanded on this point below, but what I will say is that the game is worth the effort at the end of it. Sure it's not as easy as putting a cheap plastic box on the table that literally does nothing to the game, BUT it provides far more rewarding gaming experiences.

      3) Again like Bishop has said model preference is subjective. I personally think the Infinity range of miniatures is the best gaming range on the market right now. They don't instantly grab you perhaps like some more 'outlandish' miniature ranges. I also like the realistic proportions loads better as well.

      My complaints with the game aren't a million miles off of your own. I personally think Infinity is getting quite close to needing a 3rd edition and a re-write to make it a bit clearer to the English speaking world. However, not before they solve the biggest gripe that I have with the game, which is the need for official missions. The game system is desperate for proper missions, more so than many other games I've played. But currently there are two. That's not good enough. There's a book on the way but we have no fixed release date so unless they get it out soon there will be some disgruntled vets tbh with you.

  8. I actually have built quite abit of terrain, but most of it is useless for infinity which was abit annoying. I am planning a newfounded colony on a jungle world table atm. The different pod type buildings you can buy here and there are nice and soso cheap, and the jungles bits i can use for 40k and freebooters fate aswell.

    I really like the buildings MAS has made, looking forward to more types, can anyone btw tell me if i buy the basic 3 storey, can it be built as a 1 storey and 2 storey building aswell, or are leftover storeys "wastes" if you understand.

    As for the miniatures, i have tried to get painting on several factions, even tried 3 schemes on my favorite model of the all the O-yoroi TAG and failed to deliver a scheme that i liked each time.

    I have looked at the Nomads,mas they seem to be more interesting to paint. But i guess i am in a holding pattern with Aleph, waiting for the faction to be expanded some more. That Marut is just singing to me every time i look at it.

    1. Right firstly playing Infinity on different types of table actually does work because of how well the shooting mechanics / weapon profiles works. I can totally confirm playing on jungle boards works bloody brilliantly!!! If you drop enough tree's and shrubs down and also put some styrene type rock formations down, here see this guys blog:

      It will totally work. I've played on jungle boards and had loads of fun because different weapon load outs suddenly make more sense. I've also seen the game played on a desert dune board, which I actually want to give a go at some point because it was such a genius idea and just looked like loads of fun.

      As for the MAS building you get 4 floor / roof pieces. If you wanted to split the buildings into a 2 story and 1 story building you'd need 5. So sadly you can't do it. If you want to know my full opinion on them I actually reviewed the building here:

      My current opinion is that personally the Sarissa Precision stuff is the best type of terrain on the market as it's just so modular. I love the look of the MAS, and actually the Pod thing from Warmill looks nice enough too. I have some concerns about it without actually having seen it in the flesh. Hopefully I'll be able to grab some at some point and review it properly.

    2. I think you may be able to assemble the MAS buildings as single story, but it may take some modification.

      Check out this review, as it's very detailed:

      And of course the review on this very blog!

      Hope this helps.

    3. Lol, I stand corrected!

      Posted at the same time....

      I'll be in the corner, pretending to know stuff...

    4. That sharp pointy star thing in your back... that's me ninja'ing you!!! NINJAAAAAAAA!!!!

      You can get away with it if you don't mind one of the building having now ground floor as it were, but they're not very sturdy without those floor sections if I'm honest.

  9. Thx to the both of you, I think you might just have saved my infinity mojo. As I as i read the "jungle is fun" post I had a series of lightbulb moments regarding terrain, so I am off to the big city to buy stuff on Monday.

    No to pick a faction: red nomads, dark grey/black aleph or CA

    1. Well I'm glad I've been able to help give you your mojo back. I'm thinking I might actually try and cover some alternate Infinity board set ups this year as it's clearly something a faior few people struggle with. Theirs a chap on my Blog roll called Darthgus, his blog is called a hobbyists blog I believe and he has some great articles on building terrain. You should give it a look.

  10. I've gotta admit too how daunting the terrain bit is for Infinity, however I've recently recieved a small order of stuff from Sarissa Precision's System Infinity line, and my head just about explided with ideasas I put the pods together. If my budget wasn't so tight at the moment I'd probably have a good collection of Sarissa's products with which to experiment.

    I've currently got plans to build a Ship Yard, Warehouse district, Residential district and an experimental idea made up if nothing but interconnected walkways and raised buildings. I'm enamored with the idea of a gantry only battlefield for some odd reason. XP

    Just a few of the ideas that werent really possible in GW supported games. lol

    1. Yeah the scenery issue can cause a bit of hesitation in people playing the game. Certainly at clubs where the time to set the tables up eats into playing time quite a bit. There's not way round it though for these sorts of games that have this sort of depth though. Scenery is important and I wouldn't want to change that.