Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Win a signed copy of Tribes of Legend

My first 'official' prize giveaway!!!

Well today is a very special day indeed! It's a leap year and so we get to experience the delights of the 29th of February. It also means my good friend Mr Chaos Space Marine actually has an birthday for once! Yep he was born in a leap year on the 29th!!! Unlucky, as this means all his mates have a legitimate reason normally not to buy him a drink or any presents most years. Sadly this year that excuse is removed. So happy birthday buddy. As it's a special day though I've decided to try something a bit different for this here Blog. The lovely guys over at Foundry Miniatures were kind enough to give me a brand spanking new copy of Jake Thornton's 'Tribes of Legends' game to give away to one of you lucky lot. Jake was also kind enough to vandalise his own pristine creation with his autograph, so yep it's a signed copy.

The back cover just because I can.

So what's the game like? I hear you ask... well that's your first mistake right there! Tribes of Legend is actually three games in one book. Bargain! I'll let the guys at the Foundry explain it in their own words:

"Few stories capture the imagination like the legends and myths of the ancient Greeks where heroes and monsters live or die in struggles for survival, honour and glory – all under the watchful gaze of their meddlesome gods.

Tribes of Legend contains three separate games set in the ancient world of myth, magic and monsters, ranging from full scale battles to a game for a single hero having to overcome all of the obstacles that mortals and gods in their whim and wisdom devise.

So what will be your first foray into this ancient realm? Are you a lone hero or a leader of armies?
Decide, and then summon your courage, offer your prayer and, whichever game you play, may the gods smile on you!

This full colour book is lavishly illustrated with stunning full colour photography of lots of magnificently painted miniatures. A4 Hardback, 104 pages."

Not bad hey? So how's this going to work then? Well I'm going for something rather simple. On the day I publish my review of the book I shall pick at random, using the height of decision based technology (raffle tickets and a hat), one of my Followers to win this glorious prize sent from the Gods of Mount Olympus themselves. So if you aren't following the Blog you're simply put not eligible to win. Quick word of warning here, if you are following me privately (yes I'm talking to you Tom Kirby) I can't actually tell who the hell you are, and so yet again you won't be eligible to win. You need to follow the Blog publicly so I have your Blogger name and can put you into my spreadsheet. Being on my spreadsheet gives you a number, which is placed in the hat... and voila you'll be entered into the prize draw! Simple right? Trust me it is. Any way this is the format I'll be using for future giveaways as well...

Jake's signature. Not to be used for fraudulent purposes you scallywags!!!

yep you read that right I did say future giveaways. I've figured over the last few months I've got an awful lot of free stuff to review off of a lots of really lovely people, and it's about time I started spreading the love to you guys. So get the word out if you want to, I'm going to start giving free stuff away to people for the sake of it. I fully understand that many of you won't though, because increasing my followers decreases your own chances of winning. It's obviously nice to get some 'free' but I've always been the sort of guy that prefers giving to receiving... nudge, nudge, wink, wink... so I suppose it's a natural progression for me and my Blog to start giving stuff away. Any way back to to the signed copy of Tribes of Legend giveaway, I'm sure some of you are wandering how long you've got to get yourselves signed up before I do my review... well I'm honestly not entirely sure you see. It'll definitely be at some point within the next two weeks though. Peace out!


  1. Replies
    1. Good I'm glad. I figure if I'm getting lots of free stuff to review, then it's only the right thing to do but share and spread the love. Right?

  2. Looks interesting, and waiting to see your review on it.. even more so than the raffle! Always nice to see a new ruleset or game being reviewed and then not so nice to see the money from my wallet fly towards said new ruleset or game..

    1. It's a weird one to review actually. I mean it's three quite light games all things being told. The main game, the full on wargame ToL is actually a good little system. The only down side as I see it is the lack of unit choice for each force. The skirmish game isn't serious and look to me to be an excuse for a group of mates to kill each other. Fun, but not something I'd come back too time and time again. The last offering is strange. It's not a concept I've come across before, the solo wargame... I think I actually quite like it. All in all I think the books a bit of a rough gem... but I promise I'll give a full review in a week or so.

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah I thought so too. Really nice of Matt at the Foundry to offer it up as a prize. Top people the lot of them.

  4. Looks interesting and always have liked your stuff Jake.


    1. Heya Robert, I hope you don't think I'm Jake Thornton. I know of Jake but we are not one and the same person. You can find Jakes Blog here:


  5. Nice, Got to love random chances to win things eh? I was just laughing at all the game banners at the top of the page, most of which I play or have played. Hell why not add another have you looked into Carnevale by Vesper-On ?

    1. I have had a look at Carnivale, mainly because Thomas David a personal hero of mine has done some sculpts for them. Looks interesting, but funds being as tight as they are, any sort of interest I might have in the game have had to go onto the back burner. In fact looking at the banner I really need to shrink Warmachine and Hordes down to taking one slot only and get rid of Kings of War as I've decided it's not for me. That'll allow me to put two new games up that are, Freebooter's Fate (awesome litte game) and Heavy Gear Blitz (again awesome game).