Thursday, 9 February 2012

More Freebooter's Fate reviews incoming.

More booty me hearties!!!

Yeah so it's pretty well known by now that I'm a bit of a fan when it comes to Freebooter's Fate. I've reviewed the rulebook, the Pirate starter set and Brotherhood starter set. I had a few of you ask me whether or not I was going to review all the starter sets, and maybe even the Deep Jungle expansion book. Honestly, it was always my aim to do so at some point. But, with finances the way they are you know, I thought it might be some take some time to getting round to doing them all. Well I had a package arrive Monday this week, except I wasn't home to pick it up, being as though I'm actually on a training course right now. So today I finally got a chance to see what the hell this mystery package was...

First up is the Deep Jungle expansion book.

Well it'd be rude not to have the Amazon starter set to go with the new book!

The Goblin Pirates starter set, the biggest of the bunch.

The Imperial Armada starter set, the most asked for review.

So yet again Freebooter Miniatures have come up trumps! Last time I had Cristian Trinczek to thank, this time it's another lovely chap by the name of Hendrik Mell. Obviously I've been on a bit of a break this week, recharging batteries and doing some 'other' stuff, real world stuff. However, I knew some of you wanted to know my thought on the other Freebooter's Fate starter sets and I just wanted to let you all know that I will be reviewing them all soonish. I'll probably rattle through them next week, starting with the most requested review the Imperial Armada. Give the people what they want right? I'll follow that up with the remaining starter set from the original rulebook the hefty box that is the Goblin Pirate starter set. I'll then be reviewing the Deep Jungle expansion book, followed by those lovely looking Amazons. Any way, that's all for now. There will be a review of some pretty neat resin bases from a fellow Blogger on Saturday and my usual Sunday Sermon, now, I must get back to those text books. Peace out!


  1. Replies
    1. Sorry dude. But look at it this way, it's for your benefit too. Not only will you have more awesome articles from me, BUT you'll be able to judge the various starter boxes against one and other. See if you look hard enough there's always that silver lining.

  2. This looks like a really good game and I wouldn't mind giving it a go if it weren't for the massive amounts of terrain you suggested we need in order to do it. I really am running short on space right about now!

    I guess it would be a case of finding someone else who plays the game and sorting out the terrain between you. I guess you never quite know what you're going to get in that situation!

    Also, really got to be careful with my money at the moment, as I have to find £520 from somewhere to repair my car. Rejoyce then, as I managed to wrangle £70 off Games Workshop for returning my unopended copy of Dreadfleet back to them...

    1. Heya Matt you live nearby right? If you fancy a game at some point I could always try and arrange a game at one of the many local clubs round here.

    2. Sounds good mate! I'm in Lower Gornal at the moment, looking to move away quite soon so I'm not quite sure where I'll be after that. (Either around this general area or in Wiltshire!) If, in the intervening time, I manage to get some Freebooter's Fate stuff together, I'd happily give you a game.

    3. Well I've got more than enough stuff for two or more people!!! I guess I'm duty bound given how much of this stuff Freebooter Miniatures have given me to review to at the very least run intro games. Do you go to any local clubs? What about the Dudley Darklords?