Friday, 27 January 2012

Heavy Gear Resin Bases


Well you all know me. I'm a sucker for a nice resin base. Since moving to smaller skirmish games a few years back now I've had a bit of a penchant for buying lovely looking pre-sculpted resin bases to sit my various factions, to the multitude of games I play, onto. It's actually one of the things I've really enjoyed about games like Malifaux, Infinity, Anima Tactics etc. Moving away from the larger game systems like Warhammer Fantasy, 40k and HoMachine made resin bases look like a viable option. Because the idea of dropping a couple of hundred quid to base my already expensive armies on didn't seem like a wise use of my money. Even when I was gainfully employed and earning oodles of cash. So while looking at Heavy Gear Blitz a few weeks back I did start looking around my usual vendors to see if they had any hexagon resin bases. I had no luck at Dragon Forge, Micro Art Studio's or Antenocitis Workshop, so I thought c'est la vie, I'll have to get my embossed plasticard, green stuff and sculpting tools out. Except I don't do I? Oh no, it's almost like those cunning chaps at Dreampod 9 actually have a plan!

First up we have some Desert Hex bases. Well, what did you expect?
Here we have a Gear painted better then my current tabletop standard on a Desert Hex base!

Not content with sewing up the Desert base Market DP9 have also gone all Industrial too.

It's sort of  running joke in these parts that none of my new factions are painted...

Sometimes you need round bases in HGB, so DP9 have come up trumps again!

...but in my defence, I do write a lot of Blogs and I've started a lot on new games!

Look, more variety in those round bases, yay!

OK, well that's just mean. Not only is it fully painted, it's a chuffing NuCoal Hussar in full on Tank Mode. OH COME ON!!!

So that's another bloody mental barrier I'd thrown in the way of getting the game. Even though it was a teeny tiny one, that has been beaten down. But, how cruel is it to include the gorgeous transforming Hussar in the official promo shots? Honestly, was that necessary? Personally I don't think it was, and it's bordering on the gratuitous... Obviously I haven't seen any of these bases in the flesh so I couldn't tell you whether or not they're any good in terms of casting quality or resin used. However, they do look like they're in keeping with the Heavy Gear universe, which OK isn't a massive surprise, but is pleasant nevertheless. So if you are one of my readers who has actually been tempted by Heavy Gear Blitz perhaps it's an option some of you might consider. I also hear that if you are at Templecon in Warwick, Rhode Island this weekend they'll even have some there for sale at their stand. I suppose it's not a surprise other manufacturers haven't done Hex resin bases, as there aren't a whole lot of games that use them anymore. If you've managed to find some though while searching the darkest, dankest recesses of the Internet do drop a link below in the comments section. Peace out!


  1. They do look nice. But I don't think the lack of resin hex bases would really be a problem - you only need to know where the front arc (for shooting/rear attacks) or how to measure the 60 degree increments for turning vehicles/gears in ground (SMS) mode. The hex bases facilitate that, but but you can do without. In fact most studio models from DP9 I've seen on use the round ones.

    BTW, there is a long painting/conversion thread for their studio painter here:

    1. lol. Don't get me wrong. there not being resin Hex bases wouldn't have EVER stopped me playing the game. It's just they're nice to have. I like my games to come with these added 'extras' if you will. So it's great that there are some now.

      PS. Thanks for the link to the thread.

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    3. I think that, like me, you look at the models more than on any 'extras', and even a total lack of bases would not stop you from playing if you really like a game. I just mean that some people in fact prefer to play HGB with round bases. And there is an awful lot of resin round bases on the market. ;-)

    4. Indeed. The only thing getting in the way for me right now is finances.

  2. Often in WWII, Russian tanks were driven right out of the factory & into battle. No camouflage or anything, just bare primer. So depending on how desperate your state of defense is, that Hunter may in fact be painted to a table top quality...

    1. Well I'm currently finishing off my EotBS Dystopian Wars fleet. The irony being that I'm painting them grey!!! lol. You couldn't make this stuff up. lol.

  3. Somebody needs to write a post about getting some painting done, and stop flitting about like a little hobby hummingbird on crack.

    I won't judge.

    1. Well I'm working on a few things right now that could be variously described as 'painting' or 'Work in Progress' Blogs. Just got to finish a few things off.