Friday, 30 December 2011

Infity December Releases

So yeah I'm a couple of days late with this stuff, but I don't feel so bad as I've given all of my readers a sneaky peak, as it were, at the  Sarissa Precision System ∞ stuff. So it's not like you've gone without now is it? No, besides the Infinity servers didn't go into meltdown this time, which makes a nice change and I'm sure you've all been able to see them by now. So this isn't going to be a show and tell, more a show and what do I think of the miniatures and are they a valid option on the battlefield? So here goes...


Well I may as well start with the controversial Posthumans. Why are they controversial? God only knows is my answer! But, it seems some people don't like the look of them and have decided they're rubbish. Part of the issue seems to be that they're all female and aren't necessarily the most combat ready looking bunch of miniatures you've ever seen. Plus some of the poses don't float everyone's boat, in particular the Proxy Mk2, or sniper. Well here's my take on them, the Proxy Mk1's look pretty much spot on to the artwork and I quite like the fact that they don't necessarily look like hardened warriors. I mean why should they? These are just hosts, that quite frankly are inhabited by consciousnesses that don't have any fear of death. So why not look all cutesy while eviscerating people? The Proxy Mk 2 is a totally different kettle of fish though. Here you actually have a fully locked and loaded combat robot that looks bad ass. So why is she sitting all provocatively on a piece of terrain? And that's the real problem with this pose for me, I hate miniatures that 'carry' terrain around with them. The Proxy Mk3 has been criticised as well for the way she looks. People don't seem to like the face and the helmet in particular. But if you go take a look at Angel Giraldez blog you'll see some different angles of the mini and it makes more sense. I guess though ultimately some people just don't like the futuristic girl band look! But what about in game play terms? Simply put, if you're an Aleph player you'll want these no question. Mine are already on order. Yes they are that good.

Zerat Sniper

Ah yes, so why let the controversy stop at the Posthumans? Why not go the whole hog and give an alien some boobs... because now apparently aliens can't have boobs. Somebody better tell the makers Total Recall and Star Trek. So yep the Zerat Sniper has boobs. Is it ridiculous that she has boobs? No not really, considering she is a 'she' and that the Morats / Zerats appear to be an ape like mammalian race. So are her boobs too big? I guess I wouldn't know having never met a Zerat, and it doesn't look like she has any lower back pain or discomfort. Look maybe I'm being flippant here, but I don't see the problem others clearly do. She's fully clothed and covered in armour and isn't naked and rolling around while licking a lollipop seductively. I agree that sometimes females in our hobby aren't portrayed in the best of lights, but this isn't one of those cases. I love this miniature actually, as she looks bad ass and ready to pop somebodies 'top' at a moments notice! So what is she like on the table? Well at 35pts and 1.5swc I really don't think she's too bad an option. With a BS11 she's no slouch in the shooting stakes but she's not the best in the world either. She has a OK CC level at 13 and can therefore deal with most threats if they get too close. Good PH12 and WIP13 too. But for me it's the fact that she is an infiltrating sniper with mimetism and antipersonnel mines makes her the valid choice I think she is. I think she's a good option.

Al Hawwa Sniper

This month really could have been entitled 'here come the girls' and no there's no way I'm putting a link in my blog to a bloody Sugababes song! As yet again we get another female model, and it's yet another sniper. Now I don't necessarily have a problem with the hand on hip tea pot pose been used twice in the same range. Hell maybe even a few more times, but twice in one month? Nope sorry, time to get some more poses Corvus Belli. It also feeds into another issue for Haqqislam players as well... and that's all these static poses. Now last month I defended the Farzan, and I've defending some of the other static poses that Haqq models get, because on the whole they look pretty cool. But, it's getting to the stage now where Haqqislam forces are starting to look like they're all striking a pose at the end of a fashion catwalk. Come on!!! Shesh, get some dynamism back into their poses and quick Corvus Belli.

But is she worth taking on the board? Well I don't know is the honest answer. You see, I think Haqqislam have some pretty darn good ranged sniping options. You have the really dirt cheap Ghulam Sniper at 18pts and 0.5swc, cheap as chips, sure he only has BS11 but what do you expect for cheap ranged covering fire? There's also the very tasty Djanbazan option with their Multi-Spectoral Visor lvl2 and BS12. Nice! Least I also forget the pretty handy Lasiq Sniper option with Viral Sniper Rifle, X-Visor, Mimetism and a BS12 all for 29pts and 1.5swc. I haven't even mentioned the Hunzakuts with their infiltration, antipersonnel mines and camo. Or the Murabids Tuareg with TO Camo, infiltration, Antipersonnel Mines and a BS11. As I said, Haqqislam have some pretty good sniping options. So what does the Al Hawwa bring to the table? Well for starters they have Camo, Infiltration and Antipersonnel Mines with a BS11 all for 29pts and 0.5swc. They're not a bad option, but whether it's worth replacing your normal sniper with? Only you will know. Personally I love my cheap Ghulam and my expert Lasiq and Djanbazan sniper options.

Tokusetsu Butai

So finally we come to the last release for this month. The only man, or I assume it's a man as their face is covered. I guess it could be just a more modestly endowed female under all that armour! Hmmm... any way it's the Tokusetsu Butai. I'm a huge fan of the JSA baggy pants look and I think this guy fits in really well. I hadn't really noticed it before but the standard JSA soldiers the Keisotsu Butai don't actually come with helmets, much like most standard grunts in Infinity, but here the Tokusetsu does. And I love it.  His / her pose also looks like they're doing something, its a combat pose. Sure they're an Engineer / Doctor but they look like they're busy doing 'something'. I also like the armour they're wearing and all the paraphernalia they're carrying. I love the look of this miniature and it's probably my favourite of this month, just pipping the giganto-boobed Zerat (sorry SinSynn). So what are the Tokusetsu like on the board? Well I'm really glad you asked because for their points cost I personally think both options are bloody brilliant! For 14pts and 0swc you get either WIP13 Doctor or Engineer with D-Charges. True the rest of their stats aren't the best but for the points they're well worth it!

So in conclusion I think the Posthumans are a mixed bag, but no where near as bad as some make out. Plus they kick ass on the table. The Zerat Sniper is fine looking, and a pretty handy option on the table too. The Al Hawwa continues the boring pose trend we've seen in recent months with Haqqislam. One or two boring poses or static poses fine, but it is starting to become a bit of a joke now. Plus I'm not so certain its that great an option, when compared to all the other sniping options Haqqislam have at their disposal. Finally we get the Tokusetsu Butai. A pretty nifty JSA addition and one I'll be happy to have thank you very much. Overall this month hasn't been the best month for releases but we have been spoiled rotten over the previous few months. So I guess I can forgive the slight drop in awesome... as long as they make January kick ass!!! Peace out!


  1. I love the Al Hawwa sniper and don't mind the pose a bit. But yeah, the next one they put out should be a bit more dynamic. Just for the variation in my army

  2. Actually its the Mk3 that I'm not keen on, the Mk1 and Mk2 both look good to me.

  3. I've written a response three times and had various browsers eat it, so here's the tl;dr version:

    Proxy 1 ok, 2 and 3 suck. No terrain on models, plix. No Terminatrix models. Too much clutter on models is bad. Not bothered, don't like ALEPH, will all die the same anyway.

  4. Good to see the Tokusetsu Butai out at last, I remember seeing their entry on the Infinity army builder, then scoured the internet for a confused half-hour looking for model photos. This thing looks GREAT. Very Japanese.

  5. Ah, just noticed something when I went over to Studio Giraldez's blog to see the Posthumans (overall they didn't bother me except for the terrain-carrying objection) when I saw that one of the Proxy 1 models (the one to the right in this blog's photo) had a handbag.
    Now I know it could be a satchel filled to the brim with lovely C4 goodness or something along those lines, but it still looks like a handbag. That doesn't *quite* sit alright with me.

  6. Huh, I love all of these.
    I even like the Aleph sniper girl on the rock, as it's a different sorta pose.
    Not every troopie has to be all 'action-y.'
    I certainly have nuthin' against the Combine model, either (I'm gonna need one of those!).

    I've been petitioning every sci-fi and fantasy artist for YEARS, trying to get them to stop giving us square-jawed, ripply muscled strongmen as hero types, and to start including some beer-bellied louts.....
    They don't listen...

  7. @Joesmokem, I don't necessarily have a problem with the Al Hawwa sniper in and of itself, it's actually quite a nice sculpt. It's just more the fact that it seems to be the only sort of sculpt that Haqqislam are getting lately. Give us a kick as Hassassin doing something dynamic God damnit!!!

    @Angus, the Mk2 looks fine, I said as much, my issue is the piece of scenery she's lugging around with her. I don't personally like miniatures that carry the battlefield around with them, just a personal choice.

    @Ant, sorry that happens sometimes on Blogger. Its done it to me in the past on other peoples blogs... but hey its free. Well sort of. It's actually starting to cost me some dosh now!!! I don't think Proxy 2 sucks but am I 100% with you on the terrain thing as you can see from my comment above. I think Proxy 3 is one of those mini's that when you see it in the flesh it will look better. There have actually been a few of those recently that have surprised me a bit.

    @GoldenKaos, yep great to see the Tokusetsu. As for the Proxy Mk1 with 'handbag' she's a medic with a medical satchel. Like all the other medics in the Infinity range. Plus I actually owe a leather satchel that looks bloody similar and is modeled on the British Armies WWII medical satchel... are you now telling me I've been chuffing walking around with a handbag all this time!!! lol.

    @SinSynn, you see all us Infinity fans have probably been spoiled. Over the years they've given us so many stunning sculpts. So often what we see as average sculpts, many people who are just starting to get to grips with the range, having come from other systems, will see as outstanding. On the whole its not a bad month, but they have had better months recently!

  8. I really like the Tokusetsu. Perhaps the controversy about the post-humans is because they are too elaborate? One of the things I like about the Infinity range is the clean simplicity of the models, and that chick with the head-dress just looks like yet another over-wrought miniature covered in excess detail.

    If they keep going down that path they'll end up with grotesque GW-style bling monstrosities.

  9. @James S, hmmm that's a possibility I guess. She does look a bit 'busy' for your standard Infinity Sculpt. I'm with you on the Tokusetsu Butai.

  10. I just noticed the 'digital camo' on the Haq sniper's pants.
    Wow....really nice paintjob....

    It's almost January....
    My Infinity starter set has been moved from the shelf to my 'hobby area'
    (Read as: Desk, cuz I live in a small NYC apartment)
    The clock is ticking down.....
    2012 will be INFINITY YEAR.

  11. I laughed at the comment about the CA Sniper not rolling around naked on the floor.. :)

    I think you're right, some people really need to remove the stick from their ass. I think one of the beauties of Infinity is the free reign that the designers seem to be given with regards to concept and design. The good thing is there is enough variety within the range to choose things that suit your fancy. You can have everything from the Manga-ish Bubble Pop, to grim faced asexual types.

    I love the post-human with sniper rifle, including terrain is always a risky decision but in this case, unlike the previous Wulver vaulting a wall, I think they pulled it off.

  12. @sinSynn, it's dangerous to look too closely at Angel Giraldez's paint jobs. It's been known to send hobbyists mad with despair...

    @Pacific, I'm glad I made you laugh! I think it's great that the Infinity miniatures seem to excite such passionate and actually quite well reasoned debate. I think the Proxy Mk2 does work better than many miniatures that have scenery on their bases. As a one off sculpt you're right it does work. I'm just not so sure it works as a gaming piece... but you're right, thank God its not that Wulver!!! lol.

  13. "I've been petitioning every sci-fi and fantasy artist for YEARS, trying to get them to stop giving us square-jawed, ripply muscled strongmen as hero types, and to start including some beer-bellied louts.....
    They don't listen... "


    Check this:

    And worse yet:

    Frontline: I think it works much much better if the sculptor has made the scenery a seperate piece, so the individual gamer can make the decision as to whether to use the piece or not. The Combined Army Noctifier, I think it is, has the steps he's perched on seperate to the model, so you can base him with or without them. Does the same apply in the case of the model under discussion here?

  14. @Fiendil, I agree with the "separate piece" comment. Thing is I'm not so sure that's the case with the Proxy Mk2 sniper. She appears to be leaning / sitting on the wall. So she could look weird without it!

  15. She'll look weird without *something* to lean on, but if it's cast seperate, the modeller can choose to use the piece provided, or something else.

    There's days I really wish sculptors would have thought about this sort of thing when breaking up the models for casting...

  16. Hmm another reason to hang on to my Aleph box & blisters. I actually quite like proxy 2 and 3.

    1. I quite like Proxy Mk3 too. I actually really like Proxy Mk2 just not the stance / pose and the wall so much! lol. Still I'll get them because they're sexy girl robots and what sort of geek would I be if that didn't push my buttons?

      hint... not a very good one!!! :P