Friday, 18 November 2011

It's that time of the month again, Infinity releases...

Yep it's new Infinity model's time. Obviously we've all seen a fair few of these sweet pieces of miniature crack before. Notably the annoyingly impressive Drgaoes and the surprisingly cool looking Tracker Mul. The reason both have raised my ire somewhat is because I wasn't really tempted to ever do a Pan-O or Ariadna force... but recent miniature releases have started that old familiar craving in me again. Damn you Corvus Belli, damn you to hell!!! So without further ado here are this months releases and my take on them:

I like me a bit of Greek girly nancy boy action from time to time, who doesn't? Go on admit it, you're smitten with Aleph's pin-up too. I mean what's not to love about Achilles? Long flowing golden locks of hair, flawless masculine features, bulging... erm... weapons options! Oh yeah and I almost forgot to mention, absolutely fracking awesome statlines and an ability to tear almost any enemy a new one, in what ever way he chooses. He is a little pricey though points wise, and while I know sometimes the best costs, it's also nice to 'slum' it every now and then. However, we now have Aleph's mini-Achilles Patroclus, who looks almost as awesome as the big man himself and is also almost as effective... I can sense a budding bromance. Can't you? No not between me and Achilles, shesh he's outta my league anyway, no I mean between Achilles and Patroclus!

Ah yes, the Imperial Agent Crane Rank. I can hear the whoops of joy from all around the globe from all those dedicated Yu Jing players. Was the wait worth it? Well yeah because the miniature is absolutely gorgeous, and in the meantime most of us have been figure repping the Imperial Pheasant rank as the Crane Rank anyway. But hey, I'm not complaining because as an avid Yu Jing player (they were my first faction) it's great to actually have the miniature to hand, especially when it looks this super kick-ass. LOOK AT IT!!! It has a long plait and everything, kick ass Yu Jing looking armour, flowing ornately decorated trench coat, a multi-rifle and my favourite weapon of all time, a monofilament close combat weapon. Damn it, that's two miniatures on my shopping list.

Sons of bitc... why Corvus Belli, why? Do you hate me or something? I mean here I am living on the breadline, struggling to make ends meet and you sods are hell bent on making me suffer. So I have to ask you again, WHY??? When I saw this miniature on Angel Giraldez's blog a few weeks back now I had a horrible feeling that I was starting to lust after yet another faction. You see I'm going to be able to resist because, well I'm skint. But, I don't want to. Look at these here low tech drone thingies, now I know compared to our current tech they look look as high tech as you can get, but this is sort of the beauty of Ariadna isn't it? And, I get it now I really do, whereas when I first started Infinity it confused me. You see every other faction in Infinity looks shiny and new, a different version each one of them, of some picture perfect version of the future... but not Ariadna, they look gritty and very real. They're a link to our current time line, they offer us an 'easy' route into the world of Infinity. I love these miniatures, especially the big red sensors on those round 'heads'. Brilliant.

Oh Allah be praised, and Corvus Belli cursed some more. A Farzan with boarding shotgun and contender you say? Why don't mind if I do! Yeah, you see I also own a Haqq Islam force, and I'm a sucker for all thing Hassassin based. Sure his pose is reminiscent of the Fiday poses, standing there nonchalantly walking around with a big feck off gun looking all bad ass like. But, hey if it works it works right? They're religious troopers, they can infiltrate, have camouflage and in this particular warriors case comes with one of my favourite abilities in the game, 'Chain of Command'. Your Infinity armies really shouldn't leave home without it. If you can squeeze a chain of command trooper into your army somewhere then you should, it's always good to not end up in a loss of lieutenant situation. A nice welcome addition for Haqq players and a decent model to boot. Yeah that's 3 miniatures on that shopping list... curses!

Oh come on!!! You're killing me here. Seriously? A Zero Hacker? You must hate me, positively hate me. I mean what the hell did I ever do to piss Corvus Belli off so much? I'm pretty sure I never slept with any of their sisters and I've never dissed their mom's. Is it the greatest miniature ever released? Nope. But I do love the Zero's helmet design, the featureless head and face with single glowing eye has floated this particular bloggers space gypsy boat from the moment he first clamped eyes on it years ago now. I'm also just a general fan of Zero's any way, they are cheap camouflaged infiltrators with decent enough statlines and load out options. Plus now there's actually going to be an actual figure to represent the hacker variety I just have to have it for my Nomad collection. That's 4 now on the shopping list, don't make me mug old ladies Corvus Belli, I'm warning you, I'll do it, I'll mug old ladies!!! Is that what you want? Because that's what will happen.

So then, they finish this month off with a figure all right minded wargamers should already have seen. Now I'm going to be honest and say when I saw the concept artwork I thought the shoulder mounted gun could be a potential downer on this miniature. I mean I just tend to prefer my mechs with weapons in hand, otherwise why have the hands? I accepted that it had a shoulder mounted Macross vibe to it, but I remained skeptical. So seeing it the flesh put my mind at ease, and my soul in turmoil. Why? Because I don't want to do another factions, and I certainly didn't want to do a Pan-O force. However, lately a lot of the Pan-O releases have started to tempt me, the foul dirty capitalist, imperialist scum are trying to wear me down. It won't work, I swear it... but this Drgoaes
does look damn sexy. No doubt it won't stop Pan-O player whinging they still haven't got all their TAGs but lets hope it keeps them quite for a week at least.

So there we have it. This months releases, I'm happy with the options they've provided me with for my armies. I also happen to really like the look of Patroclus and the Imperial Agent Crane Rank. I could take or leave the Farzan I guess as it's not a 'wow' miniature, but it's nice and understated. The Zero's don't appeal to everyone and the hackers can often look 'strange' but I think by being single focused, this particular hacker sculpt pulls it off.  Then there are those Tracktor Mul's and the Drgaoes... winner this month has to go to the Mul's though for me. But what do you guys think? Peace out!


  1. OMG!
    So sexy...why these minis gotta be so damn sexy?
    This borders on unfair.
    Can sci-fi, anime-loving, hobbyist geeks like myself sue Corvus Belli for making us want these?
    Surely there's a class action lawsuit here.
    'They MADE me want them, your honor!'

    You know what would help?
    Topknots for everyone!

  2. *sigh*
    Gonna go cruise the neighborhood for old ladies with heavy purses....

  3. You'll get that bug all too soon SinSynn. When you hold your first Infinity model in your hand you'll get that nerdgasm and that'll be it. You'll be Corvus Belli's bitch for life!!! :P

  4. Certainly a great month for Infinity! For me the Crane takes the cake. Absolutely spectacular! I think it just stole the top spot for "coolest Infinity power armour" from the Shang-Ji. :)

    Love the look of the Traktor Mul as well. Very Ariadna!

    I think my friend Anders will be very happy to see a Zero hacker, and the model looks nice and Zero-y as well.

    A lot of people have commented on the HMG placement on the Dragoon, but I don't have a problem with it. Yes, the joint looks a bit flimsy and the ammo feed is a bit oversized, but that's easily fixed. The gun being shoulder mounted gives it a very unique look that we haven't seen before. Like it! :)

    Patrocles and Farzan are both lovely looking minis, although to me they don't have that special something that makes them pop. I wish the Farzan would have been in a bit more dynamic pose. It feels like there's quite a few "static" Haqqislam minis already.

    All in all I'm very happy with this month. The Crane and Sforza are now my two most wanted. Followed by the Sphinx. hehe!

  5. All gorgeous, especially the tractor mul. :)

  6. @Martin, once again we seem to have similar tastes. I swear the minute I get a job I'm booking a flight out to Sweden to meet up with you and chat games my good man.

    @Ven, I know. It's sickening isn't it? I mean how dare they keep on making sexy miniatures I want to drop my cash on? I'm considering selling a kidney to start and Ariadna or Pan-O force. You don't need two kidneys... right?

  7. I bought my Japanese Sectorial Starter Set many moons ago now, and have only painted half the models, yet I tell thee now, verily they are the most beautiful models I have put brush-strokes to since time began. If it were not for various contraints and distractions (most recent of which be Skyrim) I would be there now, applying acrylic to my Oniwaban...

    Yes, I talk a bit weird when I get excited.

  8. Foresooth Sir GoldenKaos, tis not strange ye speak in such a manner. Indeed there are many whom would relate to your words. I too am one of them. Plus I'd be distracted by Skyrim too if it wasn't for the fact that Mrs Frontline Gamer has threatened to knee cap me in my sleep if I even so much as think of borrowing her copy of Skyrim... any way have you seen this video? Genius:


    or even better

  9. @Frontline Oh, that would be a lot of fun! And playing Skyrim might prepare you for the climate. Me and the missus are often talking about visiting the UK as well, so one way or another we should be able to work something out. :)

    Oh, and speaking of Skyrim I'm finally getting my copy tomorrow. However, I had to order it from Hong Kong (since I have a Japanese Xbox) and it got stuck in customs, meaning I'm 20 euros poorer. :(

    And to keep this comment on topic; are you going to join the Christmas Painting Contest?

  10. @Martin, it's unlikely I'll be doing much painting any time soon. Not that I haven't got the mini's to paint I have. Just got a few other priorities at the moment.