Sunday, 2 October 2011

With friends like these who needs enemies...

Yes that is what you think it is...

Do any of you have friends you really like most of the time, but that every now and then play the cruelest and sickest practical jokes on you? Because I do!!! I've got through saying how I wasn't going to get Dreadfleet and... well... look what they got me. Because they knew how badly I wanted it really. Motherfu... any way, now I have it I might as well try and work with it and see what it's actually like. I'm going to attempt two runs at it I think. The first thing I'll do is maybe run through it with some of my gamer mates and see what they think of it as a game and product. The other thing I'm going to do is then try and run through it with maybe my two nephews and get a 'kids eye' view of it as a product. Because truth be told that's who I think Games Workshop have aimed this game at, kids. However, here are some pretty pictures of the unboxing:

Loads of plastic bits & bobs

Underneath which, is this card divider thingy, that hides...

The card components, rulebook and that quite nice blue cloth mat

The rulebook is quite compact and well laid out (as you'd expect)

The best thing in the box for me so far, the pattern is really nice and the cloth is lovely

The small cards are Fantasy Flight Game sized...

The plastics as expected are nicely detailed, as I've come to expect from Games Workshop plastics. The detail you've seen painted on the sails is actually raised detail moulded on, so it might not be as big a nightmare to achieve that look as some of you feared... I however, could have free handed the detail on no problem... ahem... yeah moving on. What the hell is with the skulls Games Workshop? Honestly they just need to give up on the skulls, its like Sisters of Mercy meets Liberace in here! I still think the boats and Islands look a bit too kiddy for me, and the boats are actually smaller than I thought they'd be, but they aren't a bad size I guess. Tomorrow when I'm less bleary eyed I will take some comparison pictures for you compared to some Dystopian Wars bots for scale purposes... I might even plonk a Space Marine next to them if you're lucky! Haven't read the rules properly but I did give them a skim read and there doesn't appear to be anything you'll require a membership of MENSA for. For me though the star of the show is the blue sea mat, which I always thought it would be. It's a high quality component and its just a shame it wasn't ever so slightly bigger as it's 5' by 3' 6" which I'm reliably informed is standard kitchen table sized. Cunning like a fox!!! I'll give you maybe a bit more of a detailed low down of the rules tomorrow if I'm feeling generous. Now I'm off to find new friends. Peace out!


  1. Oh the humanity...

    Hope you enjoy it dude. You'll have to give us a review because I won't be playing it ^_^

  2. @Vent Yep will do!!! I know there are a fair few peeps who are on the fence with this one. Its not that bad in terms of stuff in the box I guess, but I expected a little bit more somehow. If I compare whats in this box, with what's in some of the other £70 games it seems a little bit light on content.

  3. Wait one darned second....
    You've got...Space Marines?

    And here I thought you were different...

    I kid, cuz I'm sure you just keep them around to melt 'em with a magnifying glass, or sumpthin,' right?

  4. I used to keep the Space Marines around so that when I did intro games I could have them ground into the dirt every time by my glorious Eldar or Orks... I'd never done an Imperial or Space Marine army until 5th edition. Do you think there's a coincidence there? Hmmmm... don't worry SinSynn I'm still an Eldar player at heart, I'd say Nids or Tau but quite frankly their Codices aren't even useful as toilet paper. I can at least make Eldar work... sort of.

  5. GW do like their bitchin' skulls, it must be said.

  6. @GoldenKaos, fuck me do they ever love their skulls!!! They've made entire Islands out of bloody skulls in this game. I can tell you now hand on heart that I hate the boats. They look childish and aren't as detailed as I first though to be brutally honest with you. I thought that maybe different paint jobs that weren't so Teletubbie bright might rectify some of the kiddy stylings but I think on that score aesthetically I think they're beyond redemption.