Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sarissa Precision Wild West Scenery

Well, I went to Derby World Wargames event last Saturday, held at Derby University, and bumped into Jake Thornton. Or Quirkworthy as he's known in blogging land. And I had a pretty good time wandering around the halls doing geeky things. You can read Jake's write up on the event Here. However, apart from struggling to resist buying an entire fleet of Ainsty Castings pirate ships, to build a pirate board (no I don't know what I'd use it for either), I was pretty much OK with being skint. This made keeping my wallet in my pocket relatively easy and not at all painful. However a fair few Malifaux players have been on at me to review the Wild West buildings from Sarissa Precision. Mainly for suitability for Malifaux but also any quality issues. As it so happened I did have a little bit of 'scenery fund' on me, so when I saw they were at the show I thought I would go and take a look at what they had to offer.

This can be used as a Church or a school

Well, turns out they have quite a bit to offer. You can take a look at Sarissa Precisions website for yourselves and see the full range of stuff they manufacture, it's all pretty nice stuff. However I was mainly interested in their Oldwest Range of buildings, as I'm not too sure playing Malifaux on a WWII inspired board would go down too well with those I know at the club! I had looked at Sarissa Precision stuff a fair few months back, but had held off mainly because I wanted to see some other sorts of buildings they released first. Like a church, a jailhouse and a proper Wild West looking Hotel / Brothel. Well guess what? They've released all of those things now and the only buildings missing off of my tick list would be a barn / stables, and maybe a train station. Turns out they're working on those too. It's almost like they having a cunning plan.

The Hotel is the current cream of the crop, its BIG!!!

It was really good though to get the buildings in my hands, and see how good they were for myself. I think it's always the same with new products you've never really seen in the flesh before. You just feel happier having them in your hands, to hold and look at. Also it was great to speak to the chaps behind it all, and get a sense of who they were and where they see their product heading, and it was good to hear that they had some clear and exciting plans for the future. However, what I was particularly impressed with was the detail both inside and outside of their Jailhouse and the way it fitted together, which provided nice detailing, structural support and a useful design features for allowing the roof to come off easily so you can gain access to the interior. It's possibly the cleverest of their designs I've seen so far. I'll be reviewing the Jailhouse, Hotel, Church, Shack, a Small Shop and a Medium Shop. Yes, I know, I blew the entire scenery budget on Wild West scenery. Don't look at me like that!!!

The shack could do with a back door somewhere

However, in my defence, we do now have at least the basis for probably 3 or 4 decent boards worth of Malifaux 'themed' scenery, and I have enough to start mixing games up a bit as well at home. On the whole I think it's fair to say I have found the quality of the buildings to be very good, especially given how reasonably priced they are. When I look at these buildings, and the buildings for Infinity from Micro Art Studio's (review of those coming up soon too), I think it's fair to say that the future of cheap, affordable wargames scenery is laser cut HDF. As I said, I'll be doing reviews of the buildings, and probably some scenery project guides for them, because although they look ace as they are, I just think putting them on bases with hills, trees and a few other Wild West bits and bobs could really add a lot of character to them. Hopefully that has appeased the Malifaux lot a little bit, and when I get the reviews up they'll put their Voodoo Dolls of me away. Peace out!


  1. mmm the smell of Cut MDF. I really was impressed by the buildings plus you didn't have to pop them out like the Micro art buildings (though the buildings are awesome when made) look forward to the reveiw

  2. Yeah hopefully my Micro Art Buildings will turn up soon... fingers crossed. But what I saw of your buildings really impressed me. Just taking pictures of the Sarissa Oldwest stuff now for review. Hopefully they'll be short and sweet and not too taxing to write though. Some of the buildings can just be left to clip together while others will require more permanent solutions and a bit of glue. Mainly the larger buildings and the pitched roofs. Nothing major though. I also think a nice bit of brown ink will be more than adequate to 'paint' many of these buildings up.

  3. Tis indeed nice stuff, good to see first hand, jail and hotel stood out for me, you need a little wooden John now ;o)

  4. Yeah I was thinking with one of the shacks I'll put it on a slight hill with fences and the odd tree (not that tree's are odd mind you) and do a scratch built 'out house'. Should be fun!!! I agree with you though, the Jail and the Hotel were the ones that really stood out, and the church / school is also quite nice.