Saturday, 10 September 2011

Look what just came through my emergance hole...

 Macca helps inspect the new recruit

Its much less painful than it sounds you know!!! Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen Gears of War the board game has arrived at Frontline Gaming HQ today. After many months of waiting patiently as it sat there on pre-order at OG Games, it has landed. I'm pretty darn excited about it too because unlike the other two versions of Gears of War I have this one hopefully doesn't come with RRoD. Yeah that's right while playing Gears 1, RRoD. Playing Gears 2? yeah you guessed it RRoD. Screw you in ear Microsoft, I don't need your badly made hunk of junk anymore to get my Gears fix... in your face Xbox 360, IN YOUR FACE!!! Excuse me while I go tea bag the hell outta my Xbox 360 Elite...

...and I'm back! Right so far the quality of the product looks as lovely as anything you'd expect to see coming out of Fantasy Flight Games. The cards look suitably Gears like with lots of really atmospheric artwork displayed really well on high quality gaming cards. The board tiles although not interlocking, that's not necessarily a bad thing, are as always made of thick sturdy card that feels durable and the printing is nice and clear. The miniatures are still made of the slightly rubbery or flexible plastic that board game manufacturers love so much, but like the Mansions of Madness pieces they're actually a lot harder or stiffer feeling, in fact the Gears miniatures feel firmer still when compared to the Mansions of Madness pieces. I'm going to say they're closer to the plastic pieces produced by Games Workshop than I thought they would be and the detailing is actually really quite nice. Any way Here's some pics:

I got nervous as I opened the box...

Macca watches over me as I get more stuff out the box

The miniatures free from the constrains of cellophane

This big sod is a Berserker for those not in the Know!!!

The Elite Locust from left to right, Boomer, Kantus & Theron Guard

The grunts from left to right, Drone, Wretch & Ticker

The COGs, our overly hyped up testosterone meat heads. 
From left to right Cole Train, Fenix, Dom and Baird

So there you go. Its in my hands and no doubt will be getting a quick play test at some point soon because now my mates know I've got it I won't be able to stop them coming round 'to see me'... yeah right I know its Gears you're after lads!!! However a full on review is some weeks off yet as I have Mansions of Madness to finish off first, I'm very close now. I just need one more game, which I'm hoping to get in today before I finish that review off. There's also Chaos in the Old World too, which again I feel I'm close to being able to give an opinion on and the third of the Fantasy Flight Games products I'm currently wading through is Dust Tactics. There's also Dwarf Kings Hold: Green Menace which I haven't even started looking at properly yet... although having Gears now Ironically might help with drawing test subjects out of the wood work for some of these other games. I think over the next few weeks you're likely to see the odd board game review flung up on my blog. Then there is Super Dungeon Explore and Legend of Drizzt still to come... Peace out!


  1. So only 2 questions remain:
    How long until those minis are painted?
    Which Character did Macca choose for your next game?

    As always, a FFG product that looks awesome. I'm looking forward to se a review from you.


  2. How long before they're painted... erm... *looks at pile of unpainted miniatures*... November... 2025!!!

    Macca told me I had to be Fenix because his name was and I quote 'ver ritten in lolzcat speeck'!!!

    It does look ace though. I had a totally nerd out over how close the characters look to their computer game equivalents and the Locust really are quite cool. Also the detail on them is way better than I thought it would be.

  3. Ooh! I'm jelous! I pre-ordered mine from Malestrom but it hasn't shipped yet. I'm starting to suspect that although I ordered mine about two months ago I still wasn't quick enough and the first batch has been sent out to those who pre-ordered before me. Hmm... should probably email them and check.

    Anyway, looking forward to hearing what you think about it!

  4. Well I've taken to ordering my board games from OG Games who have been brilliant so far in there dealing with me and that's pretty much all the board games that I currently own and that's a lot of dosh I've put there way. I still have Super Dungeon Explore and D&D Legend of Drizzt to come from them so I'm pretty pleased with them. I've had a quick blast of it and I have to say it was fun... but that could still be new game glow kinda fun. I think though it shows promise as a game and I very much look forward to sinking my teeth into it proper. I have however played enough games now of Mansions of Madness I feel (12) to properly judge the game now so I'm hurriedly jotting down my thoughts before I pass out from exhaustion!!!

  5. 12 eh? That's impressive! Looking forward to hearing that as well. :)

  6. Well Maertin the review is now up. I think its best to take my time with the reviews and get a good handle on the games because I could just write a review after one or two games and dismiss or over sell it because of a lack of experience with any given game. I think most games only show their true colours when all involved are so comfortable with what they're doing they really don't need to whip out the rulebook and check things. Its only at this point a game really lets you see what it truly is.