Sunday, 21 August 2011

I have more board games!!!

OK so I said I'd try and get back to writing about wargames on my blog, but for whatever reason I keep having these chuffing board games turn up to my house. So which games have turned up now?

Yeah my collection of stuff is getting bigger...

Dust Tactics

The world looks fun and the miniatures aren't too shabby.

Yep I wrote about it a few weeks back, and no I didn't plump for the revised box set but the big huge one as the picture shows. I was always very interested in getting into the Dust games simply because I love the alternative WWII vibe created by Paolo Parente... well in fact I just love alternative history stuff period, and the walkers looked absolutely ace. With the added news that the Dust Warfare rules would be coming out later this year it was pretty much a done deal for me. The idea of having two game systems I can use those lovely miniatures in just sealed the deal totally for me. I'm aware I've got the 'old' rules, what with the new revised core rules coming out later this year but I honestly wanted to grab the game and try the original mix first so I can give a proper comparison of the changes for you guys... see that's how much I care!!!

Chaos in the Old World

Yep that's right it has something to do with the GW... and I brought it!!!

Yet another product from Fantasy Flight Games, its a board game set in the Warammer Fantasy world, if the title of the game isn't enough of a give away for you. Thing is I've only heard really good things about this game from people who have played it, and well... I do like the Warhammer setting, even if it is just a derivative fantasy setting devoid of much originality. I'm not totally sure what to expect from this to be truthful with you because the descriptions I've had off of people are anything but 'descriptive' and are normally something along the lines of 'you have to get this game man its fucking brilliant' or 'awesome, simply awesome. Love it'. Now apart from the fact that many of my friends seem to be illiterate knuckleheads I felt I really ought to get it and give it a go and write a review up of the game that actually gives people an idea of what to expect. Its been out a fair while and I've been meaning to buy it for sometime now so it's about time I took the plunge.

Dwarf Kings Hold: Green Menance

Now with added green and ponce!!!

Well I really liked the first DKH:DR from Jake Thornton and Mantic so I was always likely to be more than happy to splash out on the second in the series. This time its poncy Elves versus the brutal Orcs and the box it comes in is now small enough to fit on my shelves next to my blu-rays, books and CD's. Not too sure if that will be its biggest selling point mind you as I suspect if its as balanced and fun as its forebear then it'll sell itself, and apparently already is so you might want to buy it before it sells out. I'm looking forward to seeing how the two new races spice things up, but given that I'm now holding off of writing my reviews until I've given games a serious go you probably won't be seeing the review of DKH:GM for a fair few weeks yet, but rest assured I'll give it a damn thorough going over.

...and finally

I'm still expecting a few more board games over the next few months to turn up, next up I'm expecting Gears of War the board game. Again yet another Fantasy Flight product that looks to have high production values and looks a barrel of laughs. Then I'm hoping Super Dungeon Explore will turn up after Gears because my head has been close to exploding ever since it was announced at last years GenCon and quite frankly if it doesn't turn up soon I fear my head might actually explode. So I hope Soda Pop Miniatures pull their finger out before my head goes 'pop'. The last game I have on pre-order is the third Dungeons & Dragons Adventure System Game 'The Legend of Drizzt'. That should be me done for a while I think. I have been playing wargames, mainly Dystopian Wars and Infinity although I'm looking to get some games of Hell Dorado and Malifaux in too. Peace out!


  1. Quality - a great hall of gaming goodness!!!

    I too am waiting on the Gears game and Super Dungeon Explore with baited breath.

    When you compare the range of games today to the range when I was a child, it's pretty amazing!!!

    All we had were Risk and Crossbows & Catapults!

  2. Yep I too was musing on such things a few days back. I've been telling anyone who'll listen or indeed those who are trapped in the same room as me that we're currently experiencing a real Golden age of gaming... and I mean it. Wholeheartedly.

    I can't remember a time like it, I'm sure somebody even older and crustier than me will put me straight on the matter but right now I feel like gaming has never been healthier or more vibrant. I just wished more people would take the plunge and experience some of the diverse product on offer today!!!

  3. Personally, I've been enjoying your write-ups on board games. It's even inspired my group of friends to to get some of our own in the last month. We've been playing Small World, Munchkin, and Arkham Horror. All of which have been a real riot to play. Thanks. :)

  4. Wow Munchkin, now there's a fun game!!! Love it to bits. Don't own it myself but I know so many people who do. I haven't played Small World myself but have heard its good fun, was tempted the other day by Small World: Underground, mainly because the artwork was all primary colours and was shiny!!! Yeah I'm easily impressed... and what can i say about Arkham Horror that hasn't already been said? Its another one of those games I don't actually own but I know so many people who do. Great fun played with a bunch of Lovecraft fans. I'm also glad somebody has enjoyed reading my board game stuff as a lot of people I actually know what me to get back to writing about wargames!!!

  5. Hi FG! Aeth from Infinity forum here :)
    Awesome blog, I love your writing ;)
    If you want, let's see my project -
    Unfortunatelly most in Polish but some texts are in English. And of course Infinity'n'Sci-Fi fanzine - Maya Network News.


  6. @P[akh]B hiya!!! I'll have a look at your blog and read what I can. Sadly my Polish is non-existent. Also thanks for the compliment.