Saturday, 16 July 2011

Gaming activities this week


Played some more Wrath of Arshadalon and watched a game of Infinity between two friends... saw Achilles go down to a pretty damn lucky plasma shot from a Charontid as Achilles failed his BTS roll, ouch. The Myrmadons and their smoke grenades didn't help much, so one guy spent the rest of the game trying to get his expensive brick back up and running and the Combined Army took full advantage of the lull in the Aleph onslaught to press their own attack and that was that... yeah not much hobby time really.


Erm I picked up some of my Dystopian Wars ships from my 'to paint' pile and imagined what they'd look like painted and then went back to sleep. Woken up by Parcel Force delivery man bearing Litko Firestorm accessories. Review of those coming soonish, once I've had a chance to use them.

 Yep today I was a lazy panda


Actually did some painting, Yay!!! Well I undercoated my Kingdom of Britannia fleet and finally cleaned my Sorylians in preparation for undercoating them. Before I realised I ought to be applying for jobs really... bloody economy!


Actually trekked down to sunny Shepton Mallet in the beautiful county of Somerset to see the lovely people at Spartan Games, with the Cursed, well I needed a chauffeur! We were picking a huge order up that the guys from the Warlords of Walsall had placed with them... well that was the pretense as really I think we just wanted to have a look at the new Antarctican fleet. Guess what we had a look at that and a few of the up coming releases, the Metzger Robot is super awesome. As too are the Mechinical Ika Squid, a new favourite. The Vanguard Submarine for those trusty Brits is just so cool an idea that it's making me think focussing on the Empire of the Blazing Sun might be a mistake... perhaps I need to spread the love, hmmm. Either way I think I've found my fifth fleet and that is the Antarctican fleet... damn you Spartan Games, DAMN YOU!!!

Also had a smooch at the newer Uncharted Seas stuff and quite frankly I'm sold. I've purchased a Mantic Orc army and I think picking up an Orc fleet might just be in order at some point soon. Quick note to everyone currently having a moan about the new fleets, just ponder this for a moment, when would have been a good time for Spartan to release some updated miniatures? Think about it for a while, the game was stalling somewhat because of the fact that they had done such a fabulous job with the Dystopian Wars range. I know this because trying to get new people into Uncharted Seas was almost impossible once they'd seen the lovely Dystopian mini's so having a souped up range of Uncharted mini's to combat that will mean more players getting into the game, which is a good thing for all. I've already had people message me and ask what fleet I'm getting and telling me what they'll get. You can still use your 'classic' Uncharted ships like a badge of honour to show you were their from the start and show you're way cooler than the Johny come lately's *rolls eyes at internet*.


Feeling significantly under the weather, but after my trek down to the southwest for new toys I decided to go and disseminate said toys to the people who'd ordered them at the Warlords of Walsall. However I was in no shape to actually play wargames, I was dying God damn it, and I swear I picked up a severe case of death from shopping in the Sainsbury's at Glastonbury... the Cursed will know what I mean!!! Any who after getting back on Thursday evening I discovered that I'd missed a parcel delivery and the only thing it could be was my Mansions of Madness order from OG Games... guess what... it was Mansions of Madness, so that's cool. I got it after reading this article over at Fire Broadside. I now have another board game with which to bore my guests, hopefully I'll bore so many they'll stop coming round drinking my food and eating my alcohol... no wait that's not right... I feel too ill to think... Nurse!!!

Cthulu lives!!! Possibly in my head because it feels like he's 
stomping around in there


Well woke up this morning and it appears my severe case of death has come and gone. My other half reliably informed me what I had was 'man flu' not too sure where this virulent form of the flu came from, but that name, 'man flu' has a sinister ring to it. Why does it only target men? Hmm!!! WHY? I reckon its part of a feminist agenda lead by Germaine Greer. Do not trust the Greer or her comrade in arms Janet Street Porter... I just never thought they'd resort to bio chemical terrorism. Oh yeah planning on painting some more of my miniatures and maybe undercoating my Sorylians finally.

Evil women cooking up more man flu!!!


Well Sunday hasn't happened yet, and I'm not too sure if I'll be struck with the 'man flu' yet again. However if I'm not targeted by another feminist biological weapon of mass destruction I'll probably be getting some more painting done. Peace out!

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