Monday, 27 June 2011

Where have I been?

Right well I haven't updated the site for a little while now. Those of you who know me will know that this is because lately I've had a few things to deal with... not least of which is redundancy. Yep the Tories have claimed another victim, but enough of the party political broadcast (utter wankers).

So I've been trying to sort out a few things like reducing a few bills and applying to jobs. If anyone has any work in the West Midlands please let me know!!! Because the jobs market is really, really grim out there right now.

Hobby wise I've just started playing Kings of War and its not too bad. I think I got a few things wrong while giving it a go, God knows how I managed that given the rules are so minimal. Any way its enjoyable, not too sure its a perfect Warhammer substitute but it did sort out my cravings for large scale Fantasy games. So I've ordered myself an Orc army off of Mantic to try and support them in their endeavours, plus the Orcs I've received are really nice!!!

Also taken part in a few intro games of Infinity and converted few peeps, also done a few Firestorm Armada games and converted a fair few peeps to that as well.  Looks like the Walsall Warlords might also be starting to play a fair few more Spartan Games so if you're in the area and fancy having a game of Firestorm, Uncharted or Dystopian then pop down and give them a game.

Any who articles will be going live from today onwards, starting with some reviews of those Studio McVey Mini's. I'll also be doing a write up for Kingdom of Death and Bane Legions. Peace out!


  1. Sorry about your news, redundancy is a bitch!

    Just be careful of the daytime television - CBBC can be surprisingly entertaining to those of us in their 30s!!!

    Looking forward to the Studio McVey reviews - I'm on their mailing list, so see each new mini they release, but can't see myself picking up too many without a rule set to accompany them.

  2. Meh, I'm trying to keep myself busy applying for jobs and doing bits and bobs around the house. Meeting up with an old colleague to see if there is any consultancy work I can do in the meantime for her, or if she has any contacts for me. Its all just a bit grim atm. On a more positive note it does give me time to get cracking on my simply huge backlog of painting jobs!!!

    As for Studio McVey miniatures, they're all brilliant. I think a lot of people, myself included have kinda forgotten that they actually enjoyed the painting side of the hobby as well, because GW have made us paint plastic after plastic grunt. They've actually removed the joy from the painting side of the hobby for me. Studio McVey and Corvus Belli with their Infinity miniatures brought it back for me. There's nothing more satisfying then spending some quality time painting a beautiful individual sculpt and trying your damn hardest to do it justice.