Friday, 3 June 2011

w00t I have new toys

Just a really, really super quick message to say my Firestorm Armada stuff just turned up so I squealed like a little girl! Hey I'm man enough to admit it. I think the cats are almost as excited about the whole experience as I am:

That ginger beast by the way doesn't come with the Firestorm Armada stuff, that is my furry sidekick Macavity the cat!!! He likes to think he helps when I put my stuff together, all he ever does is get his fur into super glue, and then I only notice after priming them... what are those bald cats called again? Not really ginge. Peace out!

EDIT - My geek friend, the one known as the cursed (check his dice rolls), has turned up to see his fleets his response was also to make a girly squeal... and then space ship noises with the odd 'pew, pew' noise for imaginary shooting... although I'm not really sure that's the sound a Dindrenzi railgun would make. I think it'd make an electronic crackling noise followed by a really big whoosh noise and a low thud as the shot leaves the chamber. Do you think I've been thinking about this too much?

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