Saturday, 11 June 2011

Secret Weapon Miniatures Resin Bases: Runic Mountain

Secret Weapon Miniatures

Luckily, given I'm a moron, I'm working on another project right now for display purposes, so I also ordered myself some Runic Mountain bases off of Secret Weapon Miniatures at the same time as I ordered the Desert Sands bases. This gives them another chance to shine and hopefully proves I'm not a complete dunce after the desert sand base fiasco... have I really become so lazy that I can't be bothered to put my own sand on bases? Have I sunk so low? well apparently yes, but lets not dwell on my apparent indolent ways, hey I'm not so lethargic I can't use big words... hell occasionally I even use them in the right context! Given I only have a few of these for quite specific projects and that I've already done a full on review for some Secret Weapon bases, this review you'll be thankful to hear will be mercifully short.

Character of pieces 8 out of 10

These actually have a really nice Lord of the Rings type fantasy vibe about them with big broken stone slabs lying on the floor, covered with eldritch looking runes. They have a nice look about them, and they'll work nicely with the display pieces I'm working on.

Detail 8 out of 10

Lovely is the first word that springs to mind, again you could argue that these are just bits of stone and sand on bases, but they're far more than that. There are some lovely intricate detailing on the stones showing what I'd consider to be eldritch or Elf like writing, its highly detailed and a really nice touch with clear definition and will allow me to do some nice OSL work with some glowing 'magic' runes.

Quality 8 out of 10

Again much like the 'Desert Sand' bases these are made out of a really nice resin, but this time there were no miscasts whatsoever and no cleaning up to be done either. So these are also a step up on the previous bases I had from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Service 7 out of 10

As before I had an issue with some missing bases off of an order I made, but they have since said they're rectifying that mistake, so you know you can't really moan about it as shit happens because nobody is perfect... certainly not me!!! The bases did get to me in a very reasonable time frame.

Price 8 out of 10

Again I think these bases represent really good value for money and I would heartily recommend them to people who think aesthetically they match with a project they might be doing. They have some really nice detailing on them and the set I had delivered to me were totally free of blemishes. Now you can't say fairer than that.

Overall 8 out of 10

These are some nice bases and they fit quite well with the fantasy esque project I plan on using them for. So the initial service might have been a little disappointing but we can let that slide as I'm sure its just one of those things and they have said they've sent out my missing bases. There's also a far chillier product from Secret Weapon Miniatures I'll be using hopefully on a WIP piece I'm doing soon, and I'll be doing  a brief review of that product then too. Peace out!

EDIT: Missing bases turned up included in another small order I'd made about a week or two later.

EDIT 2: I have subsequently had trouble with my Desert Sands bases chipping around the edges quite badly and although my Runic Mountain bases haven't had the same problem it'd be remiss of me not to mention it.


  1. I'm glad we got the missing base sorted out for you... although I still wish I knew where the other one went.

  2. Hi Justin, they just weren't in the order. All the other bases were there but the Desert Wasteland Bases just weren't there. They have however turned up now on the back of the other order I made, so thanks.

  3. Glad it's all fixed now. Shipping mistakes don't happen often but when they do we'll usually have the correction shipped within 24 hours.

  4. I think its the same with any mail order business Justin, I make so many purchases online and the vast majority are fine but every now and then there's a Gremlim or two chucked into the works. Normally though most people are really good about sorting things out.