Monday, 6 June 2011

Review: Firestorm Armada Dindrenzi Fleet

Well this is the first of the two fleets that my mate got (the cursed one) and to be honest when I saw the pictures of the Dindrenzi they hardly grabbed me in terms of a design aesthetic... but in the flesh they're actually really quite cool. The Battleship in particular is a damn fine piece, its HUGE... yes I might just have ship envy! Have to say that they do look nicer in the flesh than they do in pictures. These guys are also one of the human factions, not too sure if they're the good guys or the bad guys though... I kinda like that about this game, there might be a tinge of the fascist about them but you're never quite sure.

Product description

As before there are ships, resin / metal, acrylic stands blah, blah, blah nice looking card bits... you still want more? Oh come on!!! You're all too demanding. OK these ship are predominately resin but the frigates (small ships) main bodies are metal with resin side pods. As before there are construction guides and profile cards along with those tokens. Once more we have ten acrylic stands. I will say that I personally think the Dindrenzi ships require more assembly than either the Relthoza or Sorylians, but are hardly complex pieces, although its fair to say my mate had a spot of bother fitting some of them together, but I put this down mainly to a few slight issues you sometimes get with resin and our own haste to get them done so we could start playing the game.

Character of the pieces 8 out of 10

These ships look very angular and functional, they all look pretty much like they're big feck off guns rather than space ships. Its almost like they were designed as guns first and then had the space ship components bolted on afterwards. I love the way the thin main body of the ships jut out forward from the stocky engine sections at the back of the ships... boxy but good. They look strangely like the 80's Volkswagen Golf.

Detail 8 out of 10

Again the surface detailing is surprising given the scale we're talking about here. The Dindrenzi ships also have a really quite cool iconic look... the long thing main body with the bulky side and engine pods with the sharp angular hooked nose does look brilliant and painted in the black and red the studio have done there is a peculiar 80's vibe about them... if Gary Numan did Space ships, he'd do these! Not too sure if that last bit will put people off or not, but its not meant too, although I don't think the Dindrenzi ships are quite as unique as say the Relthoza ships they are distinctive and the uniform look of them is really rather pleasing if you like symmetry as much as I do. Again the card bits and bobs were all of a really high quality and I'm pretty certain that they'll stand up quite well to repeated use and if you're careful with them and don't fling them around the place they'll serve you well. Only issue was getting some of the parts together as there was some slight warping with some of the resin bits and some flash to clean off, but again nothing really out of the ordinary or insurmountable with resin, and the metal pieces were all spot on.

Quality 7 out of 10

This is a difficult one to score and rate really, because had I reviewed these first I'd have plonked them around 8 out of 10 because there really isn't that much wrong in terms of quality there really isn't but there was more cleaning up and work to be done on these than either the Relthoza or Sorylians, who I have to say set the benchmark pretty high. The few air bubbles (3 in total) spread across 2 components placed onto the same ship were also really quite minor and are really only the most minor of quibbles and for me it seems churlish to punish these things too hard but in comparison the quality of these were not up to the standards set by the others, but only ever so slightly. The cards and all the other paraphernalia were as fantastic as always.

Service 9 out of 10

Please see the comments I made on the Sorylian review for the service I had off of Spartan Games. It was tip top and I'd recommend them.

Price 8 out of 10

I think by the space noises, the big grin and the occasional 'my ships are better than yours' comments the cursed seemed quite happy with his purchase. I asked him what he thought of the price and he pretty much echoed my feelings that given the quality of the pieces the amount of stuff you get in the box and that you do get a choice of which faction to plump for (something that's quite common in other game systems as well) you can't really grumble at the price and it does represent yet again pretty damn good value for money. You are in effect buying into a game system for under £40, which doesn't seem bad as you can download the rules off of Spartan Games website.

Overall 8 out of 10

Overall I had ship envy and my friend seemed really pleased. There was some minor work required on them but nothing really major when I think of other miniatures I've had to put together down the years and again for resin pieces there was surprisingly little work to be done to them, I just think the lack of work to put together the Sorylians and the Relthozans spoiled us a little bit. Once together though they do look ace and really imposing, although perhaps my opponent didn't think so when I smashed his fleet to bits with my awesome Sorylians... TAKE THAT HUMAN SCUM!!! Peace out!

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