Thursday, 30 June 2011

More new toys!!!

Huzzah!!! I often cry at the sight of the postman (or women in our case) trundling up our front garden path with a box in hand. Only to be disappointed that its a new pair of shoes / skirt / nail varnish for the missus. However not today so double Huzzah I say. Yep I ordered the two D&D board games, Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Ashardalon (try saying that when your drunk) off of the fabulous OG Games on Tuesday evening and was far too cheap to pay for first class delivery (what!!! I'm fecking unemployed now). However they turned up today perfectly packaged and looking all swanky so somebody will be getting big win points on customer service. Here are some pictures for you all to get excited about:

The two boxes, looking all sexy in a geeky way

Castle Raveloft unboxed, look toys. Squeeee!!!

Castle Raveloft miniatures, and no I don't know why the mood lighting went all blue

Wrath of Ashardalon unboxed, and the mood lighting is magically gone!

Wrath of Ashardalon miniatures. in glorious technicolor

My initial thoughts, first... I was surprised at how nostalgic I got over the D&D logo. I was never really a big RPG fan so never really did the whole AD&D thing, but I do remember those dungeon crawlers I played as a kid and the Ral Partha D&D mini's... it just seems so strange that for somebody who hasn't brought a D&D branded product in just under 20 years that my attachment to the brand would be so strong! Makes me wander what I've been missing, or question how thick my rose tinted specs are. I got the gubbins out of the boxes as you can see and a few things spring to mind. Firstly if the card components are half as good as the box then we're talking very high quality indeed, in fact the quality of the box screams high end product at you. It all looks very professional. The only minor gripe I'd have would be the miniatures themselves, don't get me wrong they're actually quite nice sculpts but I'm a wargamer and would want to paint them and the substance is a strange bendy, rubbery plastic. Not too sure about painting them... but we'll see.

So that's a quick snap shot of it all, just a first impression type thing after opening the box and getting the new game box smell... mmmm... soooooo good. But nostalgia and new box smell alone do not make a good product. So as you'll no doubt know by now I'll be phoning around looking for victi... I mean 'willing' participants for a fun filled evening of games testing and reviewing, most likely fueled by alcohol and take out pizza. When I've played both games enough you'll have my review in hand ready to read and be informed and entertained... or you'll look at it and go 'FFS does he ever do anything else with his spare time and why are his reviews always so painfully long?' whichever it is, toodlepip for now. Peace out!


  1. Booooooo 4e (not) D&D shite, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - Sorry Jody, I have to disagree its marketing popularist crap - that's all WizBro ever put out. Dungeons and Dragons is just Dungeons and Dragons in "name only" poor old Gary and Dave would be turning over in their graves. As Gary said about the first WizBro attempt (an it was about 3e (not) D&D, but its MORE applicable to 4th) - "The new D&D is too rule intensive. It's relegated the Dungeon Master to being an entertainer rather than master of the game. It's done away with the archetypes, focused on nothing but combat and character power, lost the group cooperative aspect, bastardized the class-based system, and resembles a comic-book superheroes game more than a fantasy RPG where a player can play any alignment desired, not just lawful good"

  2. Maybe Doc but we all know you're just a curmudgeonly old sod!!! lol. These aren't the RPG games anyway they're more board games. I never really got into the whole I'm a chaotic / neutral kobold wizard bollocks, I just like toy soldiers too much and besides if I want a good story there was always H.P. Lovecraft or Jules Verne to read, however I do remember the D&D crawlers that I played very fondly and yep the logo did bring back fond memories so I'm not too sure what you're disagreeing with. Also the production levels at first glance are of a high quality, this isn't a review, just a heads up I have the games and will be looking to play them to review. You just like arguments sometimes ;)

  3. Not at all, I am a VEHEMENT supporter of RPG's I general. I just feel, as do a LOT of people that 4e (not) DnD is an insult - utter UTTER Crap. Castles and Crusades is where 2nd Ed SHOULD have gone, streamlined rules, infinite adaptability - the WizBro (not) DnD Boardgames are a "gateway" product design to tempt people into (not) DnD proper. If you want to play a PROPER FRP, let me know - I am a C&C Harbenger (Demo-Guy) so, without being too arrogant. I do know what I am doing!

  4. You just want an argument ;) *stick tongue out at Doc* I hear what your saying and I'm sure my dad would be saying the same things right now, he's a curmudgeon at times too. I've brought the D&D boxed sets for a few reasons:

    i) There have actually been some good reviews of them despite what aging DM's and hippies say.
    ii) People know of them and I thought it'd be good t review them, I've not even decided whether they're any good or not yet.
    iii) As a simple board game I figured it might be yet another way to try and involve my other half in my hobby which is a huge part of my life.

    So I might yet decide they're utter shyte, its more than plausible, but until I've actually played them I really can't comment. However the glitzy sheen and production value is really high, but as I say I've yet to test the substance, it could be very shallow and that just wouldn't do for me.

  5. See, I'm NOT like the "Hippies" I like a lot of newer incarnations of Games too. RQII is FAR superior to anything Chaosium or Avalon Hill put out IMHO (and I'm not even a Mongoose Publishing Fan either) - Involving your Mrs is hard I know, luckily Linda LOVES Pirates ;-) LoL - The production is High because they are "lost leaders" profit is immaterial on them as far as WizBro are concerned. IF you want an IMMENSE Boardgame experience. Try Cadwallon - its fantastic!

  6. Totally agree about the D&D comments, 3rd edition had its detractors but the latest one seems to have been completely crucified for the direction it has taken.

    As for the minis, if they are the same style as the 'Doom' boardgame you should have no trouble painting them at all, the models in that set took paint quite nicely.

  7. @Pacific, the issue is more how shiny the surface of them is and whether an undercoat would take properly. Also the thin parts are so very, very bendy I'm worried about putting paint on them in case it weighs them down. Don't want this to descend into a moan about 3rd or 4th ed D&D, I'm more than aware of the criticisms, the RPG society at my university let everyone know how unhappy they were Wizards of the Coast took over TSR in 1997 and they then let us all know how utterly rubbish 3rd ed was in 200!!! I did play a bit of 2nd ed AD&D but I'm really not qualified to comment I feel. All I know is I stopped buy D&D branded product in the early 90's and have never looked at it again.

  8. Those look great. I'll bet you're having tons of fun with them.

  9. @Relic_5 yeah I am having loads of fun with them. Just not the fun I thought I'd have with them. Its not the product I was looking for, but it is nevertheless a good product that I have played with mates and had a laugh.

  10. Hi, do you mind if I use the two pictures that show the minis included with these board games on my blog? My blog focuses on tabletop RPGs (mostly old school) but I really like the look of these miniatures. I will of course give you credit and link to this post.

    1. Hi Brendan, thanks for asking rather than just pilfering and yes of course you can use the pictures if you say where you got them from. :)