Saturday, 4 June 2011

Lets try and be positive

I wanted this Blog to be something of a positive experience, talking about my trials and tribulations in a hobby that I truly love and have done since I was a little kid playing all those dungeon crawlers. However lately I've allowed negative posts to creep onto these pages... that's not me it really isn't and its dragging my hobby down!!! I'm not going to post on anything Finecast or Games Workshop from here on out, unless its positive, but as a last blast I've done my write up on the Dwarf Gyrocopter in resin, because I can be quite positive about it. However that's it no more Games Workshop for me for the time being.

This Blog and in particular 'that post' has received a lot of hits, and its negative and I don't like negative. I was seriously considering taking down all reference to it in my posts and Blogs (and I might still yet), but my friends convinced me not to. Why? Because it'd A) it would look weird if I took it down having published it and B) Its actually been part of my hobby journey which is what this whole project was all about. So it'll stay there as a record of what happened for people to read and come to their own conclusions, which I'm sure many of you already have, but it remains there only for now. I won't be editing or posting further comments on that topic anymore, although I did make one last edit at the top of the page directing people here and to the Dwarf Gyrocopter review. I'm done with it now.

So lets be positive shall we? I'm starting two great new Spartan Games systems, Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada. I'll still be playing HoMachine as its a good solid fun game. I'll be trying to drum up support for the greatest skirmish game you've probably never played Anima Tactics while also getting more into the Wyrd and wonderful world of Malifaux a little more as I've only really dipped my toe into those particularly dank, dirty, dark and murky waters. Then there's Infinity, the current king of my hobby experience and the game that reinvigorated my hobby for me and my friends. So I'll be talking about those games from now on, because that will keep me positive. Though as a last thought that Gyrocopter might tempt me back into 8th Edition, Brett in the Birmingham store and Rich in the Solihull store have both tried in the past valiantly to get me to reconsider my opinions on 8th Edition and both have made sound arguments, we'll see. Thanks and peace out!

Edit: I have now removed the post because quite clearly the community can't discuss anything Games Workshop related without resorting to wild exaggerations from both sides and also the odd threat of violence. If you're one of those internet warriors who like to jump up on down on people for having a differing opinion I have one thing to say to you... grow up, its toy soldiers!!!

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