Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Finecast breeds angry panda's!!!

Right as I sit here right now I'm looking at the miniature that I thought would prove that Finecast wasn't that bad, the Gyrocopter. However I can categorically state that its shockingly bad... in fact its shit. £23.00 for a great big steaming pile of shit to be precise, and I've wasted yet another one of my precious evenings trying to rectify some incompetent Games Workshop wonks shoddy workmanship!!! I was trying so hard to be positive for once I really, REALLY was.

I've NEVER in all my life had to deal with such a warped piece of crap, and that's the main gripe I have with Finecast. These faults with the miniatures I have, Shadowfax's leg aside, should be visible to the naked eye!!! Where the hell is the quality control? Why are mini's clearly being pulled before they're fully set? Why are miniatures being released with half a fecking mould still attached to them? I mean come on Games Workshop, you've raised the price for a cheaper substance that is currently providing a far inferior product.

Guess what though, people have brought their marketing spiel... its better than metal... its better than other resins... its durable... its Finecast and gives sharper detail... and its all a crock of crap I tell you!!! However the kids have brought it hook line and sinker, I hear them prattling on in the shops about how great it is when the evidence before their very eyes is saying differently!!! It appears if you tell a lie with enough conviction, despite the truth starring people plainly in the face... they'll buy the lie every time.

To finish up before my blood shot eyes dribble down my face the Games Workshop need to enforce far stricter quality control... or as I suspect they have none, actually implement some chuffing quality control. As a final note on the agony I've had with the resin pieces I've brought, I know I could just have been super unlucky, but I doubt it given I've brought 3 separate things. I WILL stick at the Gyrocopter and bring you that comparison as soon as I can, that's if I don't throw them at the nearest wall first. Peace out!

Edit: I finally got the Finecast Gyrocopter together and you can read my opinions on it here Gyrocopter Review its actually positive after the ball ache of trying to get the kinks out of the tail fin and other pieces. I still believe that the level of miscasts is a far too high from what I've seen in stores and I still think Games Workshop need to get on top of quality control ASAP and they'll want to do that more than anyone, trust me.


  1. Thumbs up, THUMBS UP!!! lol

    I tell you what, Finecast does not get a thumbs up from me. Very disappointed, the resin feels like some bizarre sort of rubber at points. Horrid stuff, when I think of how amazing the Studio McVey, Kingdom of Death etc. resin is to work with I'm just not sure how the GW have got it so wrong.

    I've mellowed a bit from last night though. Boy was I angry when I posted this, I was tired angry and looking at a pathetic excuse for a miniature. Luckily I think I should have some new toys to play with soon to wash away the bad memory that is Finecast!!!

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  3. @Bram I saw the original post and pictures on FlickR and while I respect your decision to take it down, I wholeheartedly agree with what you said.

  4. I totally agree, Ive always felt GW equalled quality, I own an apocalypse Ork army and never got round to buying a big mek with KFF, so i sent the missus to get one a couple of weeks ago while shopping, she brought back a finecast one, I said , didnt they have any metal ones left having heard all the neggy about finecast, nope, so i thought id give it ago, half the head dissappeared into a solidd lump of resin, there was a deep whole for the arm position and many other areas were lost into blocks of resin!! I could have made a better job out of playdow. V.V.diappointed in u GW,Stuff yur shareholders, provide quality for the price u charge, or let someone else take over who can

  5. @Aaknot well we're what 3 months into Finecast now are we? GW fans are telling me the stuff is getting better but actually meeting gamers at clubs and events its clear to me there are still some significant issues with Quality control. As I've said they'll have to get it right or pay the consequences, because I've witnessed first hand people decide there and then on the spot to quit the GW hobby. Price + Poor Quality + dodgy 8th Edition = for many people rage quit.