Friday, 10 June 2011

Antenociti's (thats a mouthful) workshop resin bases: Chamfer Style Wooden Bases

Antenociti's Workshop

Well I've kinda run out of Infinity factions right now to actually buy different types of bases for. Luckily I'm utterly bonkers and play far too many games one of which is Malifaux, another being Anima Tactics. I have recently acquired the Collete Du Bois gang, and lovely they are too, but the studio mini's are actually based on some nice wooden floor board bases, also I have some pirates... arrrgh... for my Azure Alliance force in Anima Tactics so I needed some bases that could double as a poop deck, hehe (I said deck). So in steps the shop with the name that nobody I know is brave enough to try to pronounce... Antenociti's Workshop. God I hope I've spelled that right...

Character of the pieces 7 out of 10

I personally feel its great that these bases don't try to inject too much character into them. They could be a wooden porch in some wild west town, a theater stage or a ships deck. I like that about them as they allow me to perhaps add a little bit of detailing of my own.

Detail 8 out of 10

These are the first rounded edge (Chamfer) type bases that I have personally reviewed. These are the type of bases you get with games from our American cousins like Warmachine / Hordes, Malifaux and Anima Tactics. Rounded edge bases are great and I like the look of them, and I like the games that use them also. Sadly though most of the companies that make resin bases aren't huge multinationals able to sink development money into products that might not quite sell that well and in the world of gaming lets be honest its the Games Workshop who are the big boys and therefore most of these companies aim their products at those gamers... a shame, because I feel that these 'smaller' scale games make it more likely that gamers would drop the extra cash on resin bases. However both Antenociti's and Dragon Forge do have some rounded edged bases for these sorts of games so you might want to check some of them out.

Any way with that public service announcement out of the way, on to the bases themselves. They're perfectly fine, the wood grain is pronounced enough that it won't get clogged up with undercoat and should also be easy to pick out when painting. The planks themselves are well defined and were clearly distinguishable, again an important part of the detailing, and although they're not as visible on my crappy photo's there are also some nails in these wooden boards, which again is a nice touch. The edge of the base is uniform and the wooden planks sit 'proud' of the top of the curve on the base with an inserted disc appearance, which I quite like.

Quality 7 out of 10

Now these bases haven't scored as highly on quality as some of the bases from other companies but I want to make it as clear as possible that these are of a good quality. They're just not necessarily as good as the best I've seen, but the best I've seen are really quite good so the competition was stiff. Where these fall down isn't with miscasts or air bubbles (there were none that I could find), its more a case of the resin not feeling as tough as some other companies, but again I must stress I'd have no qualms about using these for gaming pieces. Its just that compared to others product these aren't quite to their lofty standards, but they do score highly in other fields...

Service 10 out out of 10

Insanely quick delivery, ordered just about after mid-day, arrived early morning next day. However we are in the same country and actually not a million miles away from each other, Antenociti's being in Shropshire and me in Birmingham and occasionally when the planets align the Royal Mail can do a damn good job! Also I did have cause to phone them over a couple of products to get clarification and stuff, nothing major, just me not knowing what I wanted more than anything else. The person I spoke to, Nadine I believe, was great over the phone, really helpful, polite and helped me choose the right product for me and the project I was working on.

Price 10 out of 10

This is where these bases come into their own, given that their quality is actually quite good then the price of them is exceptionally good, £3.99 for 12 bases. Don't worry I'll do the math for you, that is roughly 33p a bases. Phenomenal value for money if you ask me. I'm also going to admit to making a bit of a faux pas here, because when I made the order I had to do it over the phone because I was having problems with my newly updated browser, Firefox 4 if you must know, and I hadn't really seen the product description properly. The accompanying picture showed two bases with x3 next to them, so given the price of some other companies I figure £3.99 for 6 bases or 66p per base wasn't too bad and ordered 3 sets so I'd have 18, more than enough to do what I wanted and have a few spares... so imagine my utter surprise when 36 arrived. As I said, exceptional value for money... now what the hell am I going to do with all those extra bases?

Overall 9 out of 10

Now I think its fair to point out again that although the quality isn't as good as some, the price more than compensates, and I really do think for that sort of money they are brilliant value. Obviously like most of the other companies I've used I've actually only brought one type of base off of Antenociti's Workshop and therefore can only really vouch for the product I have bought, but I'll say this again, if the quality to cost ratio is maintained on their other products then they're well worth looking at if you like the aesthetics of any of their other stuff. The same of course goes for Dragon Forge Designs and Micro Art Studios; speaking of Micro Art, if you like the look of the Micro Art Urban Bases I reviewed earlier today Antenociti's Workshop are also currently stocking those, as well as the newer destroyed versions. If you're living in the UK and they have them in stock they're likely to get to you slightly quicker. Peace out!


  1. Fenris Games offer the same prompt service on their bases, though theirs are 50p per 12 more expensive - the quality is fantastic. PLUS Fenris will (if you don't mind waiting) let you pick and choose over base designs (immaterial with wooden planking I know LoL) so you can have all the same design should you so wish.

  2. Never been able to find much on the Fenris website, perhaps I'm just a moron (it has crossed my mind) but all I seem to find are sharks with leg, which made me laugh and then realise I'd never buy them. If however you have a link to a wider selection, I'd be happy to take a look.

  3. There Website is just ideas and thoughts, they Sell exclusively through Ebay -

    I love them, all my Pulp City and AE-WWII models are on their "Topper" bases (so they match, so sue me I do cross-overs LoL)

  4. I'll have a smooch at them then see what they're like.