Friday, 20 May 2011

My first blog

Well lots and lots of people have asked me to create a blog... so well here I am. I'm 31 years old and live in the UK and quite frankly I'm a geek / nerd... and a tabletop wargamer, oh the stigma!!! I'm pretty sure that probably makes me one of the uncoolest people in the universe and I really don't care (well maybe I do just a little).

So how did I start this terrible, awful hobby? Well like most things it started with my parents, in particular my father. You see my dad was an RPGer and also an occasional historic wargamer. As soon as I was able to ham fistedly hold a brush in my little hands I was encouraged (read forced) to paint miniatures, I was 5 when I first sploshed paint on my first skeleton and Battle Cars.. erm cars? Do you know what I thank him for it too.

I've been ruining models ever since. It was my dad who introduced me to Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Rogue Trader or as its now known Warhammer 40k. My dad and his friends were around when the GW first started up and actually sold other people's products (trust me they did). I rolled dice on many games I've long since forgotten the names for, but I remember very well my first proper game, where I knew what I was up to and that was Warhammer Fantasy Battle played with my dads Dwarfs at the age of 7 and 3/4's!!! I'd played other stuff before but not really known what I was doing.

That started a love affair with Warhammer Fantasy Battle that had persisted until very recently (but that's a topic for another blog or maybe never). I've pretty much collected every army going for Warhammer and when I finally got into 40k I did Orks and Eldar for a very long time. With the last edition of 40k though I got my first Space Marine Army and of course it was the mighty Ultramarines (who else?) but I took on a real project. Not just a nice simple army but I wanted to do the 1st 2nd 4th and 10th Companies and I've got them... I just need to paint them all now.

However I'm not only a Games Workshop gamer and to tell you the truth I never have been an exclusively Games Workshop gamer either. I've always played other stuff, so I've always considered myself a wargamer in general. Recently I've stopped playing Games Workshop games altogether (something I'll return to), I'm currently playing Infinity, Warmachine and Hordes (or HoMachine as it should be known) amongst others. I really do believe that wargaming is going through a Golden Age or a renaissance at the moment and there hasn't been a better time to be wargamer no question.

So what am I going to Blog about? My hobby, be that painting, gaming or just general chat about the industry as it is and news. Things I'm currently writing:

  • Infinity: The best game there's ever been
  • HoMachine why is it becoming so popular
  • Why I'm not playing WFB anymore
  • Whats wrong with Games Workshop
  • Being a faction whore

Hopefully people will find my ramblings interesting, informative and occasionally funny. If you've read this far, thanks for taking the time!!! Peace out!


  1. Hi, going to be following the blog, but one suggestion, with the eclectic array of games you talk about, then post labels may help readers navigate stuff of interest. :)

  2. Hey yeah I've really got to sort a few mechanics (like labels and links out) as well as some of the aesthetic side of things out. Cheers for the advice duly noted and now I've just got to work out how to do it all!!!