Friday, 4 October 2013

Frontline Gamer fire sale!!!

OK so perhaps 'fire sale' is inaccurate. But yeah, I've got a lot of stuff on my hands that I'm willing to consider selling, because it turns out I'm not going to be able to take everything with me on my move to Scandinavia. If the Swedes and Danes built decent sized homes we wouldn't be having this problem... as they don't I'm looking to shift some stuff on to good homes. That's where you lot come in, and where you might pick up a bit of a bargain. So here's the list of stuff by type:

Boardgames / Card games

  • Dreadfleet (don't laugh) - £25
  • Space Hulk - £90
  • Grind - £30 SOLD
  • Last Night on earth - £20
  • Descent 1st Edition (I know there were some readers who were desperate for this) - £80
  • Dust Tactics 1st Edition - £80
  • Dust Tactics 2nd Edition (revised Edition) - £50
  • Project Pandora - £5 SOLD
  • Dwarf Kings Hold (all three boxes, Dead Rising, Green Menace and Ancient Grudge I'll sell as one) - £10 SOLD
  • Super Dungeon Explore - £45
  • Claustrophobia - £30
  • Blood Bowl Team Manager The Card Game - £15
  • Warhammer 40k Dark Vengeance Limited Edition - £50
  • The Walking Dead Boardgame - £15
  • Star Wars The Card Game - £20
  • Chaos in the Old World & the Horned Rat Expansion - £20 SOLD

Warhammer 40k Orks

Metal :-

  • x6 Orks in Mega Armour (various weapons Rokkit combi / Skorcha combi etc)
  • Kaptain Badrukk
  • Boss Snikrot
  • Boss Zagstruk
  • Ork Kommandos
  • Ork Tankbustas
  • Ghazghkull Thraka

  • x2 Ork Lootas & Burnas
  • Ork killa Kans (3 in a box)
  • Ork Storm Boyz
  • Ork Deff Dread
  • x2 Ork Battlewagon
  • x3 Ork Battleforce (one opened with Truk already assembled)

I will consider sellin the Orks individually, but truth be told I'd like to get shot of the job lot of them, so I'd be looking at offers around £250 for the job lot. Given there's by current Games Workshop UK prices £561's worth of stuff there, and none of it is made of that God awful Finecast rubbish I don't think that's a bad price to ask.

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Army - SOLD

I also have a mostly painted Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf army, I wasn't sure I was going to sell it as it was a project I started initially for somebody else and I quite like the short stumpy buggers, but they do take up a lot of space, and as such if somebody was keen on them I'd discuss selling them. They also come with their own GW cases. Not really sure what it is I exactly have, as I've not had the time to look at it all, but if anyone is interested in buying a dwarf army contact me and I'll list the stuff for you and send some pics of what they look like.

Retribution of Scyrah - SOLD

All this stuff will come with the Warmachine Battlefoam bag that currently houses this stuff. Most of the miniatures are properly assembled, meaning they've been pinned properly etc. (I'll state stuff that isn't assembled) but are not painted yet. Here's a full list of all the stuff I have:

  • x1 Lord Arcanist Ossyan Warcaster
  • x1 Rayvn Eternal Light Warcaster
  • x1 Adeptis Rahn Warcaster
  • x1 Dawnlord Vyros Warcaster
  • x1 Garryth Blade of Retribution Warcaster
  • x1 Kaelyyssa Nights Whisper Warcaster
  • x1 Houseguard Halberdiers unit + UA
  • x1 Houseguard Riflemen unit + UA
  • x2 Mage Hunter Strike Force unit + UA
  • Dawnguard Invictor unit + UA (10 Invictors metal plus command squad US, 2 minis)
  • Dawnguard Sentinals unit + UA
  • x2 Stormfall Archers units
  • x2 House Shyeel Battle Mages units
  • x2 Heavy Rifle Team
  • x1 Destors Cavalry Unit
  • x1 Lady Aiyana & Master Holt Mercenary Character Unit
  • x2 Ghost Sniper Solo
  • x2 Arcanist Solo
  • x2 Souless unit attachements
  • x1 Converted Souless unit attachment to fit in with Mage Hunter Strike Force (can provide photo if needed.
  • x2 House Shyeel Magister Solo
  • x2 House Shyeel Artificer Solo
  • x1 Destor Thane Cavalry Solo
  • x2 Mage Hunter Assassin variant 1
  • x2 Mage Hunter Assassin variant 2
  • x1 Narn Mage Hunter of Ios
  • x1 Nayl Character Solo
  • x1 Eiryss Angel of Retribution Solo
  • x1 Eiryss Mage Hunter of Ios Solo
  • x1 Dawnguard Scyir Solo
  • x1 Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen
  • x1 Arcantrik Force Generator (not assembled, still in box)
  • x1 Hydra Heavy Myrmidon
  • x1 Manticore Heavy Myrmidon
  • x1 Phoenix Heavy Myrmidon
  • x1 Discordia Heavy Myrmidon (assembled with Heavy Myrmidon kit)
  • x2 Chimera Light Myrmidons (metal)
  • x2 Gorgon Light Myrmidons (metal)
  • x2 Griffon Light Myrmidons (metal)

As you can see this is a pretty hefty amount of Restribution stuff, and is pretty much every tool you need apart from maybe some of the new Myrmidons and the Colossal. All of this stuff were you to buy it new would cost around about £1000. It is an awful lot of metal, much of it painstakingly pinned and assembled. One of those projects that never really got off of the ground past assembly for me. I'd love to actually do something with these miniatures, but alas I'm not sure I'll have the time now. I'm looking for offers around £550+ mark for all of this. Be warned though if you can't get the the West Midlands in the UK to pick it all up P&P will cost a fair bit on top.

Trollbloods- SOLD

Currently checking up on my Trollbloods list, will update the article when I have more info on them.

Kingdom Death

This stuff I'm really not sure about selling. Firstly because it takes up hardly any space, and secondly because I really enjoy painting this sort of stuff, you know detailed resin pieces. But as I have them and people have shown an interest I'll list them here:

  • Gift of Death (the limited collectors boxed set, including White Speaker, Saviour, Man Hunter, Preacher and original no longer available Twilight Knight) - £150
  • Pinup Architect - £45
  • Illuminated lady - £45
  • Pinup Preacher - £45
  • Twilight Knight Pinup (32mm) - £45
  • Kings Hand - £60
  • Grandmother - £60 (I would normally ask for more for this as they have gone for £100, but I started assembling it for a collector ready to paint, I've done a bloody good job on it though so far)
  • Kings Men - £40
  • Twilight Knight - £50
  • Butcher - £40
  • Pinup Saviour - £45
  • Pinup Great Game Hunter - £45
  • Pinup White Speaker - £45
  • Pinup Foresaker - £45
BaneLegions (Mierce Miniatures)

I may have more BaneLegions stuff kicking around as well like the assembled Vore Miniature and few other things, so if you think you've seen something on these pages I've reviewed or something that you might like just drop me an email and I'll see if I can dig it out.
  • The terror of Fortriu £80
  • Guillaume Le Perlerin Vagrant Knight £12 - SOLD
  • Oacyning £35
  • Euryalia £35


I have a fair amount of Malifaux stuff kicking around, including a Ruby Red Battlefoam Malifaux bag if people are interested, as with the Dwarfs, send me an email and I'll

I've put the sort of rough prices I'd like for these things next to each item. Please feel free to make offers on any of the goods, but be aware I don't really want to sell any of this stuff, and if needs be my mother has a rather large loft space where I can store this stuff until the Danes and Swedes learn to build bigger houses! Or until I buy a plot of land and build my own. If you want to buy multiple things I'll consider doing discounts where appropriate. Also postage and packaging will depend on A) what you buy and B) where you live so we'll need to negotiate those details should you want to buy any of this stuff. So that's the first pile of stuff I've put up for sale. Depending on how this lot goes I might put more up for sale from other game systems. But right now this is the lot. Peace out!

EDIT: You can contact me at


  1. I'd happily buy project Pandora off you for that price

    1. email me at and we can talk P&P.

  2. I am -well tempted- by that Retribution army. Not sure how I'd go about raising the cash for it but you have a lot of the stuff that I want for my own collection in there...

    Would you consider a) splitting or b) payment by instalments? Bung me an email at episkoposATgmailDOTcom and we'll... negotiate.

    1. Email sent buddy. If you want to phone and chat like real people I'll forward my house number to you again.

  3. Boy I wish you had some Infinity stuff...

    1. There might be some Infinity stuff, but I'll have to have a look and see what stuff I want to take with me and what stuff I don't. I currently have a load of Nomads, Yu Jing, Haqq Islam and Aleph stuff... plus some individual pieces I want. So I might be willing to part with some of it. It's just a lot of it is really readily available, and the stuff I've listed here, like the first edition runs of Kingdom Death mini's just aren't.

    2. So drop me an email Tim and I'll talk to you about some stuff if you want too.

    3. Sweet! Will do :). Yeah, I could order it from somewhere pretty readily, but I'd prefer to help out a fellow hobbyist more :). I'll shoot you an email

  4. Wow, that's a mass of stuff! At least it'll mean you can start a new collection once you're settled in and know what storage space you'll be dealing with. :)

    Good luck with the sales!

    1. Dai... that's not even half of the stuff I have. Hell, it's not even a third. lol. No need to be buying more shit. As I've said to people, it really is a matter of space. I currently have a HUGE loft room dedicated to my gaming habits, in most houses it'd arguably be the master bedroom... for me, it contains a painting desk, an 8' by 4' table and shelves and shelves of rulebooks and mini cases rammed full of mini's. There is zero chance all of that can come with me to Scandinavia... and adding to what I already have? BAD IDEA!!! :p

  5. Don't sell your Kingdom Death stuff!

    You will regret it later....

    Are the Orks all new in the box (apart from the assembled trukk)? I may be interested in flipping and bouncing those down this way...

    Also, sorry for my lack of comments lately, I have been following along though. I hope everything goes according to plan, mate. I'm actually looking at moving too (not quite as far as you though!), so I know how you feel, to a certain degree.

    Good luck with everything!

    1. Maybe I'll regret selling the Kingdom Death stuff if I sell it... maybe I won't. I'm willing to part with some of it though. There's a lot more I am not willing to part with. It doesn't really take up much space and I'll still have a display cabinet for all this stuff. I had an enquiry about the KD mini's before I posted this article, and I went through and decided what was important to me and what wasn't that important. I'll be cool with selling it all.

      As to the Orks James, as always you are welcome to contact me and discuss price etc.

  6. That Vagrant Knight is tempting as I was thinking of getting another, but unfortunately I wouldn't be able to pay for until at least the week after next :(
    Otherwise though good luck with the move :)

    1. I can hold it for you Dawfydd if you want me too. I'm not in that much of a rush for the money. I'd obviously like the cash before I make my way to Sweden, mainly because I'll take a big hit when converting from £'s to Swedish Krona if it's not in one big lump, but otherwise in no rush. Let me know.

    2. If you're happy to do that dude then fantastic, cheers :)

    3. Yeah of course. Just drop me an email with your details.

  7. If I had the cash I'd go for the Scyrah stuff, but there is way more than i need there.

    1. The Retribution stuff, like the Trollbloods sold very, very quickly. As have a few other bits and bobs from people I know round here who wanted to cherry pick my various collections.

  8. I've been bugging the KD guys about the restock on the pinup architect for a while now, and they're currently so occupied with fulfilling the Kickstarter pledges that they're not gonna get around to it for a while...

    1. I've sent you an email of where I'm at with the KD stuff. You'll have to let me know what you want too do.

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